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Consell de Cent 159

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Published: 09.06.2010
Consell de Cent 159.
Sanna Svedestedt

As a part of our Barcelona–project we have been working in the workshop of Marc Monzó. We had visited his solo show at Klimt02 two years ago and decided to send him a mail asking if he wanted two assistants.

Being an assistant is a great way to experience someone else’s way of working and to get a close view on how he or she handles an ordinary day in their professional life. We are still not sure that the working life of Marc Monzó is ordinary – ever. One of the first days at Marc’s there was a knock on the window. A bit surprising since the studio is located on the second floor. We were even more surprised when there was a man outside on the roof offering a steaming cup of coffee. Later we found out that this man is the fashion designer Josep Abril who also has his studio in the building. Abril was collaborating with a car company and Marc was asked to make a neckpiece for one of the finale dresses in a fashion show promoting the new car model.

Later on Marc got another assignment. A cactus was delivered in a taxi to the workshop and the Difficult Assignment given by the contemporary artist team David Bestué and Marc Vives, was to fit a ring of gold around this thorny plant.

Cactus with golden ring by Marc Monzó, 2010
There were several assignments handled out to different technicians, for example this Mocca pot by Luciano Carizza, all of them were exhibited at Art Fair Madrid – ARCO.

Object by Luciano Carizza 2010
Marc Monzó is doing many collaboration projects like these. Another example is a collection of necklaces that he is working on with a group of ladies in Els Reguers, a small spanish town. The purpose of this project is to preserve and develop the old craft tradition of braiding palm leaves.

Participants in the palm leaf project

Necklace by Marc Monzó 2010
The most recent collaboration of this kind was a guitarr shoe project initiated by Chicks on Speed. Behind the project are also shoe designer Max Kibardin and

The e-shoe, to see more visit

These collaborations and unexpected encounters seem to pop up every now and then, coming to the studio we never know what will happen. We admire Marc’s ability of making contact with people outside the field and they are often enthusiastic to use their techniques in a new way.

During the spring Marc worked intensely producing jewellery and creating new pieces for exhibitions and galleries, where one big event was the solo exhibition Fire at Galerie Louise Smit.

We have really enjoyed this creative environment. Apart from Marc we have got to know two other wonderful people, Curro Claret and Marcel Fernandez, who share the workspace.

Curro Claret is an industrial designer from Barcelona. One of his most recent projects is a church bench that can be transformed into a bed. This gives it a multifunctional use commenting on the tradition of a church being a place for refuge and protection.

Church bench by Curro Claret 2010

Vase by Curro Claret 2006, photo by Xavier Padros
This image is from the Chapapote project, developed after the "Prestige accident", that caused an oil catastrophe at the Spanish coast. To see more of Curros work, please take a look

Illustration by Marcel Fernandez, 2009

Marcel Fernandez is a graphic designer and illustrator. Among other things Marcel has created Amanito, a character and an ongoing project. To see more of Amanito and Marcel’s other projects visit

Amanito by Marcel Fernandez, 2005

The fourth partner sharing the studio is Graphic designer Judit Reig, currently living in New York. To see her work take a look at:

The atmosphere in the studio on Consell de Cent is something extraordinary. Once and awhile Marcel plays the Lambada on the ukulele and sometimes Curro brightens up the day by offering a piece strange, exotic or delicious chocolate. The group work in different fields but they certainly add up to a great combination.

Thank you Marc, Marcel, Curro and Judith for having us in you workshop. We will miss you.

- Karin Roy Andersson & Sanna Svedestedt


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