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Eat it

Blog post
Published: 14.05.2010

For many of us the goal is to be able to live from contemporary jewellery.

The world of jewellery covers the globe – and at the same time our group is small. The closeness and the size of our network can be problematic if we all try to eat from the same plate. The question of how to reach a wider audience is an ongoing discussion as mentioned in the recent blog post by Benjamin Lignel.

It is a big problem if what we do stays inside the group but there are also advantages of this intimacy. A platform like Klimt02 makes it easy follow each other’s work progress and to get in contact – our colleagues are just one email away. There will be more about co-operation in our next blog post.


The contemporary jewellery field is good at collaborating when it comes to research and developing our work trough seminars and symposiums, but maybe we could improve our teamwork when it comes to making it visible and inviting the rest of the world. With the strength of our small but global community this should not be impossible.


We want to live from jewellery. Let us keep working and feed more people with “CJ” - contemporary jewellery.

- Karin Roy Andersson & Sanna Svedestedt