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Emiliana Design: Jewelry and Industrial Design

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Published: 25.11.2012


A few days ago, in the Gracia area of Barcelona, I visited Ana Mir and Emili Padrós, a couple of industrial designers who started the Emiliana Design Studio where they have worked in different fields for more than fifteen years creating very small objects, like jewels and chocolate pieces, to urban furniture, exhibitions for a great spaces, etc. “We are captivated by working with typologies and in very different scales” they say.

Behind the iron door, where one finds the area designated for the workshop and store surrounded by objects of their design, including the “Naoshima” stool and the “Tokyo” folding screen, they showed me their jewels and some carefully-guarded models.

Despite being industrial designers, the attraction they feel for jewelry comes from long ago; in fact Ana, in the ‘90s, designed conceptual jewels elaborated with hair, silver and porcelain that have been shown at MoMA.

In 2006, both created the series named “You Never Know,” jewels with particular double functions including the jewel itself as well as some of the tools we once used at school which have practically disappeared from use. Here, as they hold in their hands a bracelet with an incorporated pencil sharpener, they comment that these pieces have a big nostalgic flavor.

Some time later, the “Quiet Wood” series arrived, where we can notice their experience with the use of plywood. They demonstrate complete enthusiasm with this material despite the fact that they have used other materials such as silver and methacrylate.

In this case the wood, a material they had used for furniture, folding screen and trophies, is being used in small scale and they have taken advantage of his structural stability, flexibility, lightness, and overall its warmth.

The working process they follow to create their jewelry is really similar to the one they use for any other product and they say: “There is a period of conceptualization, of sketching, models, prototypes; the requirements are probably different from those of an object produced in series since in the jewels a more handcrafted process can intervene. In any case, it is interesting to know the industrial processes since this has contributed a particular vision when approaching the jewelry.”

In their projects, obviously, there is the desire to create new series of jewels. They say they want “to continue making things that attract us, even as this is a really complicated time and all is very difficult. Lately we are working on projects with both furniture and objects. We are also designing an exhibition for the Zoology Museum in Barcelona and currently there is the exhibition “El Paral·lel” at CCCB for which we designed the setup.”

Design and crafts are two concepts that have to go together since a good creation, in any area, has to can use all the means available.

You can find more information on their website, on their Klimt02 page and on Mar de Color Rosa website.

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