Blog post
Published: 30.11.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

You need to transform festivals into everydayness    
Otherwise your emotions will eat you alive.  
Only if you want to go a long way and far out.

Of course it’s your choice :) but
as far as I am concerned, I want to live a long and happy life :)

Any “GOOD” drink causes aftereffects
From simple hangover to unexpected babies
(which are actually  better to be made in sobriety)

To control this is not as difficult as it seems at first sight
Once your work is successfully done, you feel emotions of joy
And we are all very and even too emotional
In case of an ordinary person it passes smoothly without particular aggravations,
But in case of an artist… as a rule, it’s an EXPLOSION
And if you don’t grab the control in time
You might as well just burst
And leave stains of your insides both on the clean walls of the workshop
and on the people around you.   

The trick is to catch an Emotion RIGHT AWAY before it overwhelms you
just in case you think that “a bit more I‘ll stay in it, and then….”
Believe me, THEN will never come!
The Bigger was your success with the previous work, the longer you will SWELL
And it will take you a long time to make a start with another one.
Once Emotions find the way to your Will… You are in their power.

Time is not made of rubber, and it doesn’t stretch in accordance with our wish.
However, to remove empty spots of just bare survival is possible.   

I don’t  say that there is no need in Festivals, not at all.
Festival is great when it is YOUR OWN festival, not of some alien emotions,   
that took a tight grip on you by attuning to your joyful EXPLOSION.   

Of course, some people already know this, but some might not,
I am not discovering anything new here.

If you are experiencing an Emotional Explosion
caused by your work having been Successfully done,
Try to observe yourself
At the very least it is extremely interesting

At most, … you won’t be hovering around the same place
and will be able to go further instead.

Can I or Mila do it as easily as I write about it?

… no … not always.

… but we try :)