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Published: 23.01.2009

I don’t know what you do know
This is neither good nor bad. This is as it is.
That’s why I will say what I know or what I feel and I will try to do it as open as I can.
It’ll save our time from wasteful swings which nobody really needs.
“agreement” and “disagreement” are only control points.
You need them as well as I need them, and of course each person has his/her own control points,
but whatever is in between can be displayed for public discussion.

Every piece that we made has been influencing us a lot
Once we change our attitude - strength of this influence changes as well.
A SHEET should be WHITE. ("Tabula rasa" (Lat.))

There is kind of inner game, not quite a game, but I couldn’t come up with another word.
But it is important,

Have a look at history of arts:
Every artist …. is working on the same piece/sings the same song.
His/her face, his/her handwriting, his/her style, ……..ways and vehicles ………Hurray!
Accumulated experience really helps, but in essence, the artist is working on the same piece.
…………………………………and what if this is not true?

What if it is still possible to work on various pieces?
A human being is changing, and the author is not an exception…………….
Then, the experience starts to GRASP, and he (it) becomes “an enemy”.
Me and you, we can discuss or think it over, we see a MAP of the territory so far,


I don’t know about FEELINGS (are they feelings at all?)
But in the zone of action which is beyond control, there is experience of one’s own, which
Is trying to dominate the process, just because of his simple USEFULNESS.
One can easily understand feelings and intentions of EXPERIENCE
He (it) just would like be of use (like everybody else),
Of course, I am very happy and appreciate HIS drive to “help” me …………
………but do I really need HIM THERE???          

EXPERIENCE knows YESTERDAY, but he doesn’t know TOMORROW.

Yes, I like beautiful warm words that people tell us, but
EXPERIENCE doesn’t SENSE them,
He perceives them directly as a CONFIRMATION OF HIS OWN IMPORTANCE.

He is growing real fast on such a “diet”,
Then, he starts to simply STEAL our Future .
And, then…. it’s not us anymore, it is our EXPERIENCE who controls our life.

I don’t make an appeal “to kill Experience”, rather!…
Experience is just a “TOOL”, and You are his “MASTER”.
Don’t let Your Experience swap it around.


Translation by Yana Tsoy



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mi-mi moscow is a union of two independent artists, Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov. They have been working in jewellery art since 1985. Since 2000 working & exposing together, as mi-mi moscow. Work and live in Moscow, Russia

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I can be mistaken
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