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First summery for my project

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Published: 31.01.2011
First summery for my project.
Zhu Aiyu

As we have just finished our last semester and Chinese New Year is coming soon, so it’s time to take a rest and review of works that I have done. My final project of master degree started from July, 2010. Actually I had no idea about what to do, so I turned to brain storming. I began with three Chinese characters: Zhi, Jian, Yi (in English is put, space, and move). I was looking for something that I can put on body when it is in small scale while I move it to another space in a large scale, it probably could be something else due to this simple change of human actions.

Look for something that I want to do

I was captured by a beauty of African art. I love these masks and their sense of eyes deeply impressed me, this is a status that I could feel in my real life…smiley, silent beauty and quiet. I think birds, a symbol of peace, is very much appreciated by a lot of artists, painted, sculptured, pictured…

Then I moved to do some small prototype, to house my concepts I tried with several shapes of birds...

but it was still not meet my ideal imaginations...

then another time...

tested by glass. the born of a new work is suffering but it was quickly forgotten.

We moved on to new process.

And finally have the wax model completed.

Now I start to explore where could I put these birds, in an exterior space or interior space… above a tea table or next to a window…. If my actions, merely actions like move, put would change its function, if these simple actions would influence us to construct ideas, to taste styles, to design pieces both in small scale and large scale, wearable and unwearable. what is going to be ?


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Zhu Aiyu is now a postgradute from China Academy of Art. She makes jewellery&glass artworks. She is glad to work with anyone who has interests for exchange in this field.

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This blog is created to share experiences on jewellery dialogues.