The Forester

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Published: 19.01.2012
Sanna Svedestedt

 “When I grow up, I want to be a forester, Run through the moss on high heels”
                                                                                  - Fever Ray

- When I was about five my father helped me to build a tree house. It was quite big, hanging in the sky with one fir tree in each of it’s three corners. I loved my house although I often came out of it covered in resin. Actually I put the pitch in my mouth several times trying to make chewing gum of it. The only way to get rid of it again was to brush my teeth with butter. I still always ask for butter free sandwiches, but the smell of the forest, the sound of the trees and the feeling of rugged tree trunks – I would never want to live without it. /Karin

- Some people are scared to walk in the woods, but to me it resembles safety. I am sure that this has to do with all the days spent in our family cottage deep in the Swedish forest. You actually have to cross a lake to get there, and the lack of neighbours gives a pitch black night. Not even stepping outside alone in the night to brush teeth by the lake frightened me as a child. The trees were my friends. I never get scared of getting lost in the forest, although I have a lot to learn to get the tracking sense that my mother has. Picking mushrooms with her is a walk in the park, she just leads the way and then points - “behind that tree to the left your will find some gold”. /Sanna

Har to see but the gold is there, in shape of "kantareller" - chanterelles.

The woods is our back yard. The forest takes on many shapes: A magic place that existed in fairy tales as we grew up, a huge source of inspiration, material and also a place threatened by the modern society. The processes that refine many of the materials we use are often poisonous and destructive. Cutting them out from their natural environment creates wounds, which we are not proud to be responsible of.

Leaves by Pernilla Persson

But we hope that with new technology and more eco-friendly methods we will soon be able to let go of this bad conscious. For example there is now methods for extracting gold free from quicksilver (which is now used, and causes 20% of today’s spill)

Brooch Hanna Liljenberg

We are happy to see this progress and looking forward to be able to keep on working without a bad conscious. Meanwhile we we want to highlight the brilliance of of the forest and remind people to treasure it.
In the Forest, that is were we will be in march 15-18th. Yes, this is the Schmuck week in Germany and we will bring the woods with us, to Munich. In one sense or another the two of us together with Hanna Liljenberg and Pernilla Persson will grow a forest in the Schwedische kirche on Schwanthalerstraße for a arboreous show. See you there!

/Sanna & Karin