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Four and Verket

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Published: 02.09.2010
Four and Verket.
Sanna Svedestedt

It’s September, summer is over and the school are starting in Sweden. For Diagonal it is business time, baby. It is time for reality. You know, we said it before; we want to live from this field of work

We have been dreaming about the day when we would finally have a studio, a workshop, our own space. And now we are here – fixing up our very first ateljé, and it’s all a bit surreal. Sanna shares a space with jeweller Pernilla Persson and the photographer Maria Sahlander. And Karin is just about to open a studio with a group called “Four”:

- It was in the middle of March and I was sitting at the office of Klimt02 when my phone rang. It was my friend Ellen calling to tell me that she had signed the contract for a space on Nordhemsgatan in the centre of Gothenburg. It was very hard to realize that it was actually true, that we finally had a working space. I still had four month left before going back to Sweden. I was sent emails with images of my three colleagues tearing out the old floor and replacing it with a new one, painting the walls, slowly transforming what used to be a shoe boutique to Our Place.


The 16th of July I came there for the first time. It was love at first sight – even better than I had imagined. Now I am working. Working working and working. Me, Ellen Jacobsen Holvik, Hanna Liljenberg and Malin Lövgren have - with a lot of help from family and friends – been building a worktable, collected more furniture, organized our tools, materials and, of course, made jewellery. The last week I have not stopped working until I almost fall asleep sitting. Time just flies and I love it!

Image from Four's workshop

Yes, time flies. The trick must be to find time in-between deskwork, other work, daytime work and planning work - to do the actual bench work. Sanna is experiencing some difficulties in that department at the moment:

-My studio is called “Verket”. We found the space last fall, in the north east part of Göteborg. It used to be an audio store, but we have now turned it into a workshop/studio.

Here it is, Sofiagatan 6 in Göteborg, just after taking it over from the last owner.

Sanna is testing the ceiling before signing the contract

The back room of the studio “before the makeover”

It took a lot of work, paint and help from kind family and friends, but soon the studio was in a workable condition.

The new wall needs paint

in the turquoise kitchen area the champagne glasses are ready

So then we had a great night in December last year, celebrating the opening of our new workspace. It’s 51m2 just perfect for us.

Opening night!

Sanna and her mother by the new (white!) workbenches

opening party

So now we have the space but we have to “use it or loose it” – we have to spend our precious time well. Plan and organize ourselves so we get to work there as much as possible because work is what we do, and workers are what we love being.

Members of Verket: Pernilla, Sanna and Maria; in “contemporary” work attire.

Members of Four: Malin, Ellen, Karin and Hanna

Images from the opening of Four that took place on the 4th of September

So now we are started and if you would like to come and visit us one day you are more than welcome!

- Karin & Sanna


About the author

Sanna Svedestedt, Klimt02 Forum Editor & jewellery artist

Karin Roy Andersson, Manager gallery Four, Gothenburg & jewellery artist


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