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Published: 14.04.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

(from conversation with Gato*)

mi-mi moscow,
What do you think, “is all life a game”?

mi-mi moscow:
”…. a game” ???????

............. Yes, and No at the same time.
A game … has been a greatest tool of cognition for all people in all times
A game opens doors of perception wide, and a man says “WOW!” and goes for it.
Meanwhile Experience tends to close these doors,
it says “we know what is what” and passes by.
Children suck in space of the world like sponges.
They are interested, curious, amazed… Yes, but/and They play.
They learn about this world in play.
And only the game determines what They will become.
It is impossible to force a being to do something against this being’s will.
You can train a dog to search for drugs, but you cannot just “make” him do it.
And if the dog doesn’t feel like playing then training becomes impossible.

Yes, …. A game is a kind of deceit, but in this case all the art is a kind of deceit either.
If the Author succeeded in deceiving the spectator… and the spectator BELIEVED it,
then we can rightfully call this a piece of art.
Can we not?
Did the Masters of Renaissance see the Crucifixion at Golgotha with their own eyes?
Did Ilya Yefimovich Repin meet John the Terrible?  
Did Leo Tolstoy participate in the war actions in 1812?
........... also No.


Because it’s not the narrated story that is important,
But it’s CATHEXIS, the SPIRIT that it’s carrying.
There are a lot of empty things in the world
which are beautifully made with fantastic elaborations.  
But these qualities of being “beautiful” and “elaborate” are just tools and nothing else.
These are instruments … yes, they are very important, but again they are just tools.

Is Leo Tolstoy telling about war or peace of that time… No.
He tells us about Ourselves (Me and You).
About our feelings, thoughts, affections, actions, …
What and How We Believe, How We Love, What is Precious for Us and What is not.
He shows What We are Like in peaceful (everyday) life and
in the moment of heavy trial.
Does he not?
if somebody is interested in peaceful life of that time,
he should rather take some newspapers of that time.
If somebody is interested in war of that time,
he should read a book on history of military art.

To find such consonance of perception and openness
That will reveal to the World that Precious which is hidden in depth.
… music is also a game/play, and a musical instrument is just a tool,
But it’s not the instrument the musician is playing, it’s our feelings.
And that WHAT he will awake by the sound of his music
Will be no longer a game.  

* Gato - Julia Chepurnaya from Kiev. Ukraine.)

Translation by Yana Tsoy