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Published: 15.04.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

from conversation with Gato*)

Game: this word is associated with something false, not real,
something illusory and conventional.
I will read your post again, think about it and then respond.


Yes, I‘ve read it.

I rather agree with You. ...
Except life is not a game after all.
One can learn life as if playing a game,
i.e. use a game as a tool. But you don’t call spiritual path a game, do you?
And you don’t call Faith a game either.
Here we go, life is not a game )
There are certainly not so many reasons why, but it is as it is :)

mi-mi moscow:
”…you don’t call Faith a game either”

Of course we don’t.
LIFE  …. is like a diamond with many facets
There are different facets:
Faith, Hope, Love, ……… Reason/Mind, Wisdom, ….. Game, Sex, …..
This is all correct, if we don’t mix together feelings, states and notions

There is no place for Sex there where Thinking Process is going on …. And vice versa
However both of them are great … if time and place are observed
But when everything is piled together……then NOTHING is working.

Love is not Sex
Faith is not Game

Dostoevsky, “The Gambler” fate etc. ....

mi-mi moscow:
We wouldn’t’ like to give more attention to the Game than it deserves.
Yes, it is a very important and necessary facet but if it is paid too much attention
It will be the only thing that’s nurtured.
First it‘ll swallow other facets that lie around and are not any less important and necessary,  
And then it will eat Everything and the diamond will turn into a dull self-contented ball.  

A Ball is not a facet, it’s a disease;
There is a dramatic difference between Faith and Fanaticism as well.  


For the Seed to grow there should be a Field (background)
But there is no actual Field.
There are museums that kind of doing it/were doing it (when free from main work)
There are art critics that kind of doing it/were doing it (when free from main work)
There are artists that kind of doing it (when free from main work)

“KIND OF” will sprout out, “KIND OF SPROUT OUT”.  

To talk and kind of get emotionally involved is not enough for growing
GROWING doesn’t occur “when free from main work”.
Create a favorable Background.

Theodore Gericault once said,
“Art develops only in rich, prosperous countries, but
the artists of these countries are always dying in misery”
(He said this about the great Dutch painters Frans Hals and Rembrandt)

To create a favorable Background doesn’t mean to
Stick some lanterns here and there into the old drab/grey ground.
It’s not possible to renew packed rows of dead trees by sowing new seeds among them.
Nothing can grow there.
The dead wood decays/kills itself and quietly comes to its end.

What can you remember from the Ancient Egyptian art?
Out of 10 pieces that spring up in your memory, 6 – 7 will refer to Tel-el-Amarna.
… but Amarna period only lasted for 60 years.

Contemporary Jewellery: even to renovate it doesn’t make sense anymore.
Contemporary Jewellery as a phenomenon died in the late 70-s
The comet has gone ages ago.
What’s left for today – to feast our eyes on its tail.
Like a bright trace given as a keepsake, like a consoling reward.
The door flew shut.
Of course we can swing our arms and shout “Hey! what about us?”
We can shove letters under the door….
But, what’s the use of it.
The train’s gone.

A lot of disagreeing people will say
that Contemporary Jewellery is more alive than all mice and men.

Yes, there are artists …. But they are followers.
Yes, there are galleries…. But it’s skimming the cream from the milk.
Yes, there are art critics…. But they also want to earn their bread.
All these talks will continue until the last holder of these ideas dies.

It is rather naive – to develop that which doesn’t exist anymore.


* Gato - Julia Chepurnaya from Kiev. Ukraine.)

Translation by Yana Tsoy

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mi-mi moscow is a union of two independent artists, Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov. They have been working in jewellery art since 1985. Since 2000 working & exposing together, as mi-mi moscow. Work and live in Moscow, Russia

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