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Published: 10.10.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

the summer is over
I wanted to post something clever and interesting ... to share it with you
but oops! :) my head is empty (this is a result of the lovely vacation I had)

Actually, I am not so clever as I seem
I'll tell you more :) I've never met a clever person.

I've met interesting people,

but clever? ... none.

...I've read about them.

To read and to know are not the same.
We take preoccupation and commitment for cleverness quite often
i.e. if the guy is into something then quite naturally he invests his time and energy into this subject.

After a while, he starts to be competent in this particular subject of his interest, and that's it :).
He just ignores millions and millions of other subjects around him, and when dealing with these other subjects he might not have a clue what it is all about and he is quite likely to fail.

Does interest broaden the borders?

Of course it does!... But at the same time it makes them tight.

As a result (of this process), one is coming to a thought. The thought is deep and rich rather than broad it can be rather compared to a juicy piece of mango or melon in one's hand than to common sunrise or sunset in the sky.

It is very similar to a kind of maniac psychosis :)
but how we all really DO love these wonderful ZEALOTS! These FREAKS!
these loonies driven by their star into some fairytale faraway

that star of theirs being not seen by anybody except for themselves :)
and where the path leads they don't truly know :))

... such a lovely summer it was...
I established order in me head and revised me files
Some I threw away, some I replaced, some I sent to the archive.

Up to now I've been staying in this disassembled state :) Mila as well :)
My legs, arms, body and head are all separate pieces
and I am not capable of telling anything interesting yet,
Somehow I don't find it amusing to pretend to be a smarty (egghead)

but I came up with something :)

Following is a small piece of our big interview for
(it's not fair; there it's so warm while here we have our brains freezing cold!!!)

This is PERCHÉ, a new Mexican magazine about design and some more

here you go

PERCHÉ | magazine :

P.M.: Did you ever though that you’ll come to be who you are now?

Mi-Mi :
never ever :) …. We are moreover certain about one thing:
if someone has been doing his part honestly for 20-30 years, then,
(This sentence sounds VERY FUNNY in Russian!)

If life is interesting… maybe this is Happiness.

P.M.: According to Mi-Mi, what does an accessory means?

Mi-Mi :
Something reminding of a tracer bullet :)
Sure, bullets and jewelry are separate matters, but nevertheless
There is something in common :) both are supposed to send people flying.

P.M.: How long takes the design your pieces?

Mi-Mi :
This depends on the work.
Some works are made quickly…….. during one month
Some require half a year.
At the moment, we are working on a piece which has already eaten 9 months of our time
……… and it looks like, it will not be finished by the end of the year :)
This doesn’t depend on us. The work knows itself when it’s time to be born, and it will say “Stop”

P.M.: How do you make the selection of the materials?

Mi-Mi :
The work is choosing the materials for its manifestation.

P.M.: How many pieces of your creations are manufactured?

Mi-Mi :
We are doing everything ourselves: inventing, making, taking photos.
We are interested in the whole process from conception to birth.
It is about 10 - 20 works during a year.

P.M.: It is clear to us that the originality of your objects is what differentiates Mi-Mi from the others,
but tell us your opinion… How does Mi-Mi contributes to the world?

Mi-Mi :
To remind people from time to time that there is something else in the World
except for money (and survival)… maybe this :) :) :)

… nowadays, just following honestly to one’s path is Titanic Work.
Though, we didn’t experience life how it was for previous generations and
we cannot imagine what kind of difficulties they had.
But at all times an artist has been a litmus paper for the society
and his role hasn’t changed:
to do his best to purify the society and to lift it up notwithstanding any obstacles.

P.M.: Have you been in Mexico? Do you like it?

Mi-Mi :
No never
We'll go, If we have enough time before …
If the Mayan calendar tells the truth :) we haven’t got so much time left :)

P.M.: Do you know some Mexican Designers?

Mi-Mi :
… The first to enter our mind was Miguel Calderon….
But we could easily haven’t known anybody… shameful, but true.
Not because we are not curious, … it’s just LACK OF AIR TIME.
How can we explain???… :) ... Imagine a clock on the wall
There is 24 hours of air time.
If 10000 information blocks in English compete with 50 blocks in Spanish
Then, the chance to hear the Spanish world is almost zero.
The same problem with the Slavic world…
That is why we know the Anglo-Saxons so well :) :) :)
Because they’ve been the leaders of the informational field for the last 50 years.
....... Though the world is changing very fast :) THANK HEAVEN!!!!!! :)

P.M.: What is your opinion about the design career in Mexico?

Mi-Mi :
… To know this one needs to be either a Mexican :) or your neighbor :)

What we know ........

Frida Kahlo - Rivera - Orozco - Siqueiros
Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum,
Collection of Waldemar Julsrud,
Mesoamerica civilization .... Olmec, Maya, Aztec ....
Teotihuacan. Chichen Itza, Palenque, Tula (By the way there is a Tula town near Moscow :) )
Catrina :) Day of the Death (For a Russian, the first encounter with this tradition is a real shock!!! :) )
Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan (the most popular books in Russia in 80-90-s)

But our knowledge about your culture is limited by what we could call “basic-foundation”
Unfortunately we don’t know much about your contemporary culture,
i.e. we are aware of the most interesting history but we don’t know the development…

P.M.: Towards where the human societies go, according to Mi-Mi?

Mi-Mi :
Towards self-destruction… Joke! :)
Something is always dying while something is being born.
People are inert by their nature,
People are grasping at YESTERDAY and are quite stubborn in their resistance to see TOMORROW
.. But TOMORROW people will behave just the same :) nothing can be done about it :) it’s Life :)

P.M.: What message can you give to the designers who right now are students?


That means, they teach you HOW YOU SHOULD NOT DO,
but you need to know it really well
in order to avoid somebody else’s well-trodden paths,
and to find a path of your own.

… and to have faith in yourself whatever the difficulties

P.M.: Tell us Mila & Micha, if you are in a restaurant, what do you prefer? Mac&chesse or Pizza?

Mi-Mi :
No :) we don’t go to such places :)
Age :) … time to think of one’s health :) … (maybe a joke, maybe not :) )

P.M.: The most important question.... HOW can we buy your products here from Mexico?

Mi-Mi :
…to get one’s mood uplifted one doesn’t necessarily have to buy it.
Today we made your day, and tomorrow you will make our day.
What is the price of GOOD SPIRIT?
… nothing :) …. And at the same time IT IS PRICELESS!!!!!

Best regards to Sunny Mexico from Cold Russia!!!

With Love,

Mila and Micha
Mi-Mi Moscow


PERCHÉ|magazine :