How to prepare a Smörgåsbord

Blog post
Published: 25.02.2011


Preparing time:
approximately 7 months

10 jewellers
11.5 square meters of chipboard
Places to exhibit the Smörgåsbord
An electroforming workshop
A high number of drills
60 meters of hair
2 rats
5 tablespoons of home styling magazines
20 collectors' pins
50 bags of chewing gum
A lot of time managing skills
1 teaspoon of medical drugs
1 cup of glue (Attack)
2 handfuls of well selected models


Mix 10 jewellers. Let them blend during approximately three meetings. Add an electroforming workshop, some drills and synthetic hair. Pour down quite a lot of chewing gum, home styling magazines, and rats, mix just until moistened. Stir in the drugs and glue. During this process be careful to manage your time well. Try out the pieces on the group of models.

Create podiums from chipboards, paint and cutlery. FInd a sponsor willing to bring it all to Munich and spread the filling over the Bord. Send for the 10 jewellers and voila: your Smörgåsbord is ready!

Once you’ve created the Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord you can bring it to places you find suitable. After Munich our next stop is Umeå, Sweden.

Thank you so much Krister Olsson, SCA Timber, Byggelit and Schenker for helping us cook up this Swedish speciality, and thank you The Swedish Church in Bavaria for offering a place to share our cuisine.

Hope to see you very soon!
/Karin Roy Andersson, Sanna Svedestedt & the Swedish bikini team

Photos by Jonas Carboo