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Published: 11.02.2011

The end of the winter, the start of spring and only one month left until show time for our project “ A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord” which will open in Munich on the 17th of March. Some nervousness and stress mixed in with a lot of excitement and expectations - a quite normal “spring-mode”.

We stumbled across a very sweet BBC-wildlife clip, it felt a bit like finding someone in a similar situation, and we got a boost of energy.

This new acquaintance of ours, the bower bird, lives in Australia. Its not the most lucky bird when it comes to “shaking what it’s mama gave it” - it is pretty ordinary looking with dull feathers. But this bird found a way to change its situation. The bower bird is a trained professional when it comes to decorations. It is more or less highly dedicated to interior design. As the speaker David Attenborough states; birds in general have no option over the shape and colour of their plumes, they have to make it work with what their genes have given them. The bower bird on the other hand can choose - if a bird think that he will improve his chances with the ladies by filling the home with pink flowers rather than blue, then he is free to do so.

At this time of the year we find it comforting to remember the many opportunities we have to improve and high light our lives.

Enjoy this clip: