Blog post
Published: 30.01.2010
Mi-Mi Moscow

I live my life incorrectly! Very incorrectly!  
I think for a long time. I do things for a long time. I enjoy for a long time.
I even prefer to make Love for a long time.
…Something has to be changed!!!
Every thing should appear on its own, and not some time in future, but with a wave of a wand.
If you cannot think fast, don’t even try!
All this slowcoach “creation” is from the devil.
The divine appears in a flash of lightning. Insight is instantaneous! Bang! And That’s it!
You don’t have to build spaceships. It’s too long and not necessary.   
Do you need the Space? .. I also don’t need it!  
Cause there’s nothing there! Not even God! So, why undermine the foundations of religion?!  

We shouldn’t... Yes, there are many things that we shouldn’t….
Children should be born not in 9 months after the conception, but in 1 week! Or, better, the next day!
What are they doing there… for such a long time?
Either, they are lazy, or the women are lazy.  
If genetic code is transmitted from parents anyway, then,
what are they learning there? How to do nothing?
And, do we need this? To produce lazy bastards?
And indeed, previous generations accumulated so much of experience,
that it’s not likely to fit into anybody’s head!
What’s the bloody use of it?

And, more than a half of these files contain nothing but utter blatant spam!
Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare – to the garbage bin.
Keep Dumas, people read him.

Edgar Poe - to the garbage! All modern literature is continuous detective. As well as cinema!    
Isn’t the modern detective better indeed?

To hold opinion polls in different countries.
Keep what people read, and what they don’t read – send to the garbage, and no regrets.   

Because, if people don’t read, that means it’s of no interest.  
People, mostly, are not idiots.

Just to comfort ourselves, we may take a vote.
And so what, if a bunch of morose intellectuals is against this.   
But People win! And that’s what counts!
Seems like, People even read the Bible under the whiplash, in order to be “Inside”.
“Inside” means that one can be trusted.   
That he will not kill, will not steal, will not covet your wife,….
This is very convenient for comfortable living of the INSIDERS community.
The Bible may be left, but reduced to the Commandments.
All the rest is actually pulp and bla-bla-bla.    
By the way, People can hardly learn the 10  Commandments,
that’s why they speak about them so often, to make them somewhat stick.   
And why? Because of the same reason: FILES ARE FULL!
And all these Sculptors, Painters, … who needs them?    
As far as I am concerned, I don’t have neither Michelangelo sculptures in my bathroom,
nor Modigliani pictures above my bed!
And, my home is neither in the Tour Eiffel nor in the Great Pyramid of Giza.  
I don’t possess any Faberge and Lalique either.

... And, somehow I don’t suffer because of that.

All these artists… didn’t do the right thing… They should have worked for the People! People!
Not just burn their lives in search of WHOKNOWSWHAT!

And, life doesn’t have to be long. Why?  
You’ve planted a Tree.
You’ve built a House.
You’ve given birth to a Son.

And, that seems to be it :) … now, say Good-Bye to the kids and go into the box.  

Translation by Yana Tsoy.