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Published: 03.03.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

Last Winter I had a long and interesting conversation
with Julia Chepurnaya (Gato) from Kiev (Ukraine)
This conversation consists of questions and answers.
It appeared in the Russian part of the Internet

It was an open conversation,
therefore some of her questions and my answers I can publish here.

In my opinion, they might be of interest.


“Where is The Source of your inspiration?
and what is it? ..... music ... literature .... or nature?”

mi-mi moscow:
“… music, literature, nature?”

The Inspiring Spark and the Push may come from any, most unexpected place.
Music, literature, nature ….. all these create supportive background,
like a field that was plowed and fertilized, but
it’s not the field which sprouts up, it’s a seed planted in the soil.
The Seed has yet to be found inside oneself, it is living there and demanding to go out.
When the Seed is conceived, the author senses it. He doesn’t know what It is, but
he knows that It should be given a form of manifestation and This should be done only by Him.
But, Where is It? What is It? The author does not know….. and, here he goes lashing in the throes of art.
To put it simple, the author is searching for a consonance with the Seed ALREADY LIVING INSIDE HIM.
And What will serve as an Echoing Pitchfork and will indicate the Exit or the Direction
………. Just about anything

We have a work titled “Poppies”, It was born in the toilet of the plane “Paris – Moscow”, indeed.
Those red napkins Mila wiped her hands on.
BUT (“buts” are always very important! The most precious insights are hidden in small details!)
But after use, they were covered by fantastic folds and creases.
Mila called the stewardess, and she gave her a whole pack of them.
During the flight we were creasing those napkins with water, spirit and cognac.
We didn’t have a clue what It was.
When the plane was approaching Moscow they were petals of the future work lying on our knees.

… Or, was it really the Future work?
Yes, at home the Work gathered more details and took the form of a Necklace,
but It was born on the plane.
To Make and To Finish Making something which you already know is not difficult
(or rather, it is a difficulty of another kind)
When you don’t know what to Do,
when you even don’t have a slightest clue - that’s what I call “difficult”

There is only ASPIRATION and WILL, it is like thirst in search of WATER.

”…music, literature, nature?”
…………….. I do respect poetry very much.
When it’s not meanings of individual words that matter, but the magic born from their marriage.
Mayakovsky, Mandelshtam, Pasternak, Gumilyov…
It is more complicated with prose, I have to use my eyes to read it in the book
…. and, I would like to use my eyes sparingly to preserve them as long as possible :)
while poetry one can learn by heart.

But … “Richard the III” by Shakespeare I read every summer.
Shakespearean rhythms swing together with suburban train really well, and
tipsters create the air of a marketplace in the middle of a medieval town.
And if one can listen only to the music of their speech without getting reached by its appeal,
then all this is just fantastic scenery.
Though, this kind of decoration doesn’t match Slavic and Irish rhythms (poetry)
which refer to vast Space/Field, breath of the Wind,
while in Shakespeare one finds firmness of the Stone
and Water drops measure Time falling down in silence.

One can artificially give oneself a push UPWARD,
but when the Real Work starts
it is quite natural to look for some peace and quiet.

Translation by Yana Tsoy