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The Joy of Repetition

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Published: 06.05.2011
The Joy of Repetition.
Sanna Svedestedt

I have not been seeing Sanna a lot lately since she has been in Ghana (more about this in the next post), instead I have been spending quite some time with theses red fellows:

One of my best jewellery tools

In two and a half week I will run a race. Göteborgsvarvet. It’s a tradition - I have been doing it five times before. Never the same, every time, in the beginning of May, when it starts getting closer I start questioning my mental health. Why am I voluntary exposing my self to this?

The race is not one of these ultra distances and I know it will not be much worse than my daily jogging round, but to be honest, even these are quite a struggle. I have been running for about 12 years and the first steps – with a cold stiff body, knowing that I have it all ahead of me, are never something to look forward to.

After a few meters though, I start hearing the music in my Ipod and I stop thinking of all the uphill slopes to come. My brain relaxes and starts processing everything that has been floating around in my head but not yet had the chance to get to the surface.

It - my brain that is - does not deal with them one by one in a goal-oriented way. It jumps between subjects and work on them a little at the time. It gets disturbed by something; a dog, a sign, a persistent headwind or there are other thoughts interfering. I can imagine it is something like meditation - for me it is an essential part of work. It gives me new ideas and solutions. It clears out some of my everyday issues and makes me able to focus.

It also characterizes my personality and I see clear traces in my jewellery and in the work methods I use to create it. Sawing piece after piece to make a chain, polishing a material for hours slowly watching it change or tying bead after bead making a necklace.

Countries, necklace made of sawed silver elements

I always seam to end up in repetitions, a slow constant movement, a never-ending rhythm, a constant grinding

A Constant Grinding, necklace made of chewed chewinggums.

The 21st of May however, I will not be in this meditative slow kind of running mode. Then it will be pure competition and I will only concentrate on breathing in and breathing out and when I cross the finishing line, this is the medal I hope they will give me:

Prof. Dr. Kong Sr, brooch by Felieke van der Leest

See you on the other side

/Karin Roy Andersson


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