KARL MARX & contemporary jewellery revolution

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Published: 30.01.2010
KARL MARX & contemporary jewellery revolution.
Mi-Mi Moscow

It’s only at first sight that it seems to be nonsense

and, anyway, what has Karl Marx done?
… he had written …. “Capital”

Right! And what is “Capital”?

Even in case neither you nor I have read this Really Cool Book, the answer lies on the surface:

It is a DICTIONARY! And it allows Revolutionaries from Different countries to find common language.

BANG! And chaotic movements of ISOLATED GROUPS became UNITED…
Not only in their THINKING but in the ACTUAL DIRECTION of their MOVEMENT…


But, does INTERNATIONAL exist?

Let’s conduct a simple experiment:
Let’s take a megaphone and shout out loud:

The answer is silence… like in the comments to our posts ….. :)

Out of all the comments, an actual jeweler answered ONLY ONCE!
That was Margaret West
and the rest of them are from our friends whom we invited from other Forums.
We did it in order to provoke YOU.  

And… to our post about My Happy Birthday we saw nothing than dead fish reaction. :)
All the comments were sent by our Friends only :)

Solveiga and Alfredas Krivičiai from Lithuania,
Leo & Amador from КLIMT,
Susan Sarantos didn’t leave a comment but she wrote a letter :)
.. What is this? Are these people the BRAVEST and the MOST FREE PEOPLE of all jewelers?
Which are capable of not only recognizing a joke but also producing a response to it :)
but, maybe nobody reads all this stuff in Blogs?
…no, that’s not the case, our statistics says otherwise.

Maybe there are no comments…. because
we are Russians, a kind of scary monsters at the moment? :)
I don’t think so…. You haven’t left any trace in other blogs either.
And, our experience tells that to communicate with us is not so difficult.  
We communicate with students and teachers very well.
We also have a long experience with MySpace and Flickr ....

…  that means, it’s about YOU. Contemporary jewelers.
WHAT REVOLUTION? Don’t make my slippers laugh. :)  
…until COMMUNICATION is established, Revolution is postponed :)

If you want to change something in this World, then… change YOURSELF
It is simple, and, most important, nobody can stop you.

…have you ever asked yourself, why KLIMT opened Blogs?
A newsbreak is good, but the missing thing is communication.
A person disappears and turns into a PIECE OF NEWS.

Visually, the NEWS is standardized:

Sounds awful :) but nothing’s to be done :) C’est la vie :)

Translation by Yana Tsoy.


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mi-mi moscow is a union of two independent artists, Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov. They have been working in jewellery art since 1985. Since 2000 working & exposing together, as mi-mi moscow. Work and live in Moscow, Russia

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