Knocked out by jewellery infection

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Published: 25.03.2011
Sanna Svedestedt

First round - Sweden vs Germany: KO

We are back home in Sweden again, with the memories from Munich still fresh in mind and with terrible cold in our bodies. This could be what happens after an intense jewellery week. But who cares, we had such a brilliant time!
We arrived in a spring like Munich just minutes after the package we had sent with Schenker from Sweden was delivered.

Our podiums waiting for Schenker to take them to Munich

We were a bit nervous to see the premises of the church in reality, as we had only seen our exhibition space on photos before, but we very kindly greeted by the congregation. Without hesitating we jumped into our working suits and got into action

Karin working hard with small tools

Sanna ironing vertical table cloth

The room reserved for our Smörgåsbord was not a white clean gallery space and the three days for arranging everything that, when we were planning everything, had felt like eons of time suddenly seemed to run away far too rapidly. Removing all the small (very nice but maybe not jewellery exhibition compatible) decorations, attaching lights in a ceiling made of plaster with adhesive compound and pins and ironing the table cloth made time fly.

Small things that had to give way for the Smörgåsbord

But suddenly it was Thursday and standing at the opening with almost the whole Swedish crew we realized that we had pulled it through – the first step of our tour is taken.

And for helping us to do this we want to say some special thank you's:

A great big thank you to the Swedish church for letting us roam around in your facilities, rearranging furniture, curtains, flowers and everything we could get our hands on. You were very open-minded and helpful and we are grateful that we could show the smorgasbord in your premises. A special thank you to Peter, Ingrid, Arne, Ulf, Rolf and the congregation for your assistance.

We want to thank our artists for making an interesting, tasteful table.

Thank you security control of Berlin, Munich and Landvetter airport for not checking our hand luggage too carefully, so that the rats, metal sticks and needles made it to the show and back without getting stuck in customs.

Once again thank you our sponsors, Byggelit for podium material, Schenker for the transportation and SCA for helping us with exhibition expenses and Olsson & Co for printing the graphic material.

Thank you all of you that came to take a bite of our show. It was impressive that so many people found their way to Schanthalerstrasse – even though it was not exactly the kind of church you expected. We were so happy to get to share our smorgasbord with you all.

And finally thank you Krister Olsson who is making it possible for us to get to our next destination: Umeå, Sweden in October.

After Umeå our wish is to travel to more places. Just let us know if you are hungry for and we will try our best to make it there.

A tope Diagonal

/Karin Roy Andersson & Sanna Svedestedt