The last post of 2010

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Published: 24.12.2010
The last post of 2010.
Broes van Iterson

It has been really quiet on this blog, because it has been very busy for me. To let you know what has caught my eye lately, here are, in random order, some images and a few words for this last post of 2010.

David Huycke has crowned his research on ‘The Metamorphic Ornament: Re-Thinking Granulation‘ with a PHD. Congratulations, very well done!

Wouldn’t it be great to try on the work of Benjamin Lignel? It was possible at his exhibition ‘Essayage/ fitting room’ in Luxemburg. I found out about this via the Klimt02 website.

A call for submissions for a new book entitled ‘Humor in Craft’ put together by Brigitte Martin, creator and Chief Editor of crafthaus. Deadline: March 1st 2011.

The wonderful ‘Opale Fatale’- collection by Joke Quick, fatal to me!

The LICHTEST exhibition, a special mix of Belgian and Estonian jewelry, curated by Aline Vandeplas. You can still go and see for yourself, it is on until December 30th 2010 in Bruges, Belgium!

Transgression, a brooch by Angela Tölken one of many at her exhibition in the Stellenbosch University Art Gallery, in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Silke&thegallery has celebrated it’s 5th birthday with a happening: Every artist that once exhibited, showed work that had already been in the gallery, AND a recent piece!

At Confrontations 17-11-2010 organized by St. Lucas Antwerp Jewelry department I met the three busy ladies that form ‘Kasboek collectief’. They are a jewelry, graphic and fine artist and to do projects together, inspiring.

And last but not least, Friday the 24th of December is the last day of broesvi FOR LIFE! Order a children’s jewel at and all profit will help orphans in southern Africa built a better life. It makes children from everywhere happy!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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