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Published: 09.12.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

If you think that you are making an object, it is not quite like this.
For any object consists of LIGHT and SHADOW.

As a matter of fact, an object consists of its shadow which it casts upon the space around it .
And often it’s not the object itself but its shadow that tells more about it .

An elegantly processed surface with NO SHADOW looks dull and boring.

One could  say, but  what about the low relief in sculpture?
The shadow outlines the Relief and makes it visible like negative image in photography.
Bathe everything in Light and the Relief will disappear like on an exposed film.

The struggle between the opposites, YIng and Yang.  

Struggle – Dialogue – Interaction.
These are drawing the picture of the World.
Outside of this Dialogue Life doesn’t exist.
Light without Shadow is NOTHING.
Shadow without Light is NOTHING.

…..Shadow consists of Dialogue of Spots and Holes.

… I guess I better stop speaking about this subject
In order to not fray it on the edges.

Just try to look at the object
While keeping the following sentence in your head:
“Shadow consists of Dialogue of Spots and Holes”

I am sure that you will discover something new!


NO PASARAN!!! & Best! Best! Best!
mi-mi moscow