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Liquid Time

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Published: 01.02.2014

The Liquid Time exhibition reflects more than two decades of the metalwork and jewellery studio’s activity at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The studio was founded in 1991 by Slovak sculptor and jeweler Anton Cepka.

Since the mid—1990s, the studio has been led by architect Karol Weisslechner, whose conception is captured by its current name, Studio S+M+L_XL METALWORK and JEWELRY. This name communicates the idea that the field of jewelry making has no boundaries. Students’ projects range from wearable objects to installations exceeding the scale of the human body, and the studio produces unique works as well as design concepts. The current of exhibited objects forms a sort of depository of ideas and concepts, which is supplemented over the years. The installation in an open shelf construction attests to the “liquid” time of studies and of encounters, during which young artists blaze the long trail from childhood to adulthood.

The common past of Slovak and Czech artistic jewellery, represented first and foremost by the doyen of Czechoslovak production, Anton Cepka, and the purely contemporary collaboration among artists of the youngest generation are presented in an accompanying installation, which will enrich the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague for the duration of the “Liquid Time” project. This exhibition’s historic works and timeless themes have provoked both profound and mild reactions from artists.

On exhibition co-operated Karol Weisslechner, Viera Kleinova, Matus Cepka, Kristyna Spanihelova, Maria Nepsinska, Petra Matejovicova and others.

Exhibition is accompanied by printed bilingual catalogue (slovak/english) 
ISBN 978-80-89259-76-2. Order on e-mail:

Opening (both Liquid Time and  Wednesday, January 29 , at 6 pm

Tue  10am-7pm
Wed-Sun  10am-6pm
Exhibition runs till March 30, 2014

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
17. listopadu 2

110 00 Prague 1

Czech Republic


Curator: Petra Matejovicova
Land phone: +420 251 093 233
Cell: +420 602 337 625

Exhibited artists / graduated year:

Helena Szilvova

Jana Cimova-Machatova

Daniela Holubkova-Mladenkova
Sylvia Jokelova

Martin Potas

Jakub Janiga
Lucia Oreska
Monika Vancova

Lucia Havlikova
Sona Nemethova-Kabanova
Juraj Novotny

Mariana Boldisova-Kassayova

Lucia Hanesova-Cabalova
Alzbeta Majernikova-Kostovska

Hany Kasickova-Horbanova
Marian Hornyak

Vincent Durbak
Jarmila Gottsteinova-Tlusta
Kristina Hroncekova-Balogh
Alena Timkovicova-Busfy

Matej Bezuch
Maria Nepsinska-Hriesik

Viktoria Ferusova-Munzker
Kristyna Spanihelova

Barbora Dzurakova
Hana Fiserova-Holubova
Alexandra Kalisova-Luknarova
Radka Kovacikova
Jana Nemethova-Balik

Lucia Bartkova-Ciernik
Jitka Baumannova
Kristina Ondrejkova

Lucia Babjakova
Zuzana Sulerova

Andrea Durianova
Lucia Gasparovicova
Barbora Hainzova
Monika Haneckova
Jan Michalisko

Slavomira Ondrusova
Veronika Opavska

Eliska Lhotska
Hana Polivkova
Pavol Prekop
Katarina Siposova

1990-1995 Anton Cepka
1995-present time Karol Weisslechner

1995-present time Matus Cepka
2007-2012 Alzbeta Majernikova-Kostovska
2012-present time Kristyna Spanihelova

invitation card

video from speech the exhibition Liquid Time

from left:
Matus Cepka - assistant of head the studio S+M+L_X 
Viera Kleinova - curator of Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava
Petra Matejovicova - curator the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Pavel Hlubucek - director of Department of Conservation of the Movable Cultural Heritage, Museums and Galleries, The Ministry of Culture the Czech Republic 
Karol Weisslechner - Head of the studio S+M+L_XL - metal and jewelry on VSVU Bratislava
Helena Konigsmarkova - director of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Peter Weiss - Ambassador of Slovak Republic in Czech Republic
Kristyna Spanihelova - assistant of head the studio S+M+L_X

main wall with graphics

view to works by Anton Cepka

Anton Cepka, brooch 1980, Collection of the Moravian Gallery in Brno

drawings by Anton Cepka

view to installation of Karol Weisslechner

view to installation


view to installation

view to installation

view to collage of posters , photographs, magazines, newspapers, video lap ....

view to installation

necklace by Kristyna Spanihelova in historical tliturgical objects

group of works Gravity by Barbora Heinzova in historical dressing collection

brooch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Petr Vogel in glass figure permanent collection

Barbora Hainzova  inside glass sculpture by Vaclav Cigler in permanent collection

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Jirí Šibor, 1966 Brno, Czechoslovakia. Since 1990 exhibited abroad and home, occupy mind by theme "Cold Connected Constructions" in jewelry; occasionally graphic designer, sculptor, curator of exhibitions and correspondent.

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