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from Mekka to the North Pole

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Published: 13.10.2011
from Mekka to the North Pole.
Sanna Svedestedt

Little over 6 months has passed since our amazing week in Munich during Schmuck where we had the premiere exhibition of our jewellery project A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord. Since then, the setting of tables and cloth has been resting safe and sound in Umeå, way up north in Sweden. Now it is time to shake it back to life.

From the Smörgåsbord opening in Munich

We will exhibit the Smörgåsbord in Umeå in adjunction to Umeå Jazz festival and Umeå Fashion week. This will be a bit like going from the jewellery Mekka to the North Pole. In Munich we had to fight in a very strong competition of high level art exhibitions to get attention. Up north we will probably have to make people understand that this is neither H&M-like bijouteries or aquarelle paintings. Jewellery art is not yet a common thing where we are going.

Here is our schedule:
Friday the 21st of October: catch the early bird flight to Umeå. Taking a look at our sleeping beauty, hoping and praying the Smörgåsbord is in good shape

give out some taste samples of the Smörgåsbord, setting up a show and giving jewellery art lecture during Umeå Fashion Week.

 rest our souls

Monday: get the keys to the exhibition space in the city mall and start transporting our tables and props there.

Tuesday: building the exhibition set

Wednesday: meeting with the jazz festival representatives, plan the short encounter in their facilities. Finish the exhibition and have a VIP opening for our sponsors.

Thursday: greet the group of artist that are arriving with the train in the morning. Make the last adjustments to the Smörgåsbord before the Opening at 3pm.

Friday: hope to get many visitors to the exhibition during the day. In the evening happening at the jazz festival

Saturday: exhibit and try to sell as much as possible from the shop section. This is a wonderful opportunity for the people in Umeå to buy great jewellery - we will do our best to make them understand that.

Sunday: last day of the show - Pieceful makes a special event in a glass box out side in the main city market place. Closing the show and getting on the train back to Gothenburg.

Just another two weeks - then we will be inside this box!

Busy week! But we feel encouraged by the Munich experience. If we pulled it off when just finding plaster was a challenge as we did not speak German, did not have a car and did not know where to find something similar to IKEA - we should have an advantage as we are doing this one in our mother thunge and in a familiar environment. After all we learned a few lessons in Munich:

#1 -never try to iron cloth vertically

#2 -if the sealing is made of plaster and there is no way to get adjust the lighting - it might just work with a heavy dose of sticking glue.

#3 Even if there are grumpy moments of disagreement when you do art together with someone else remember that disagreement can finally end up in developments.

The most important lesson was: just go for it. It was scary to put us out there, geting judged by the jewellery elite, but we survived and it was worth every second of anxiety.
Here is a text from Timothy McMahon at crafthaus about Pieceful.

We will let you know how the people in Umeå like the taste of our jewellery!

We keep in touch,
Sanna & Karin


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