Alchimia 2018 January March MFA BMA.

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Published: 23.08.2012

Sanna is right now in Ghana enjoying a 30°C climate and spending quality time with her boyfriend and his family. I have travelled to the north of Sweden where I am having a great time with my relatives. Yesterday I took a walk to my uncle’s house. Unfortunately he was not at home. I only found his cat, his shoes and a beautiful beetle that I saved from a spider net.

My uncle, Bertil Strömberg is a photographer. Inspired by our last post he sent me some images of his favourite tools.

He uses spokes to make all kinds of tools.

Tools for dodging and burning in traditional darkroom work, equivalent to dodging and burning tools in Photoshop

Various lift rods of developing reels in developing tanks, and other things.

Varios hooks for various things; the thing to the right is a perfect tool for testing when the potatios are ready

Things to get a good grip on various things

Tomorrow I will make a new attempt to visit him and hopefully I will get some new tool inspiration (other then on how to use Gaffer tape) to take with me back.