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Published: 01.07.2011

I spent last weekend at a friend’s summerhouse on the west coast here in Sweden. She took me out fishing and I got to pull up quite a few mackerels and one plaice. The thrill and excitement I experienced was something extraordinary – I got a bit scared when I saw the photos afterwards - I looking like as if I was on drugs.

The plaice

“You kind of like fish?” someone asked me, referring to the fish scale jewellery I have been making lately, and I realized “like” is an understatement. I LOVE fish.

Silver bracelet, the Clownfish. You will find more information about this type of fish here

Silver earrings

Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by them; their shape, fens and the pattern of the fish scale.

Returning from the fish tour I just could not stop taking pictures of them.

I am intrigued by how they move, their faces and their, in our world, exceptional behaviour.

I once read about a group of scientists who thought they had found three new species. What puzzled them however was that they had only found non-fertile, small fishes of the first kind. Among the second kind of fishes all were females with large mouths who seamed to be eating all the time, and the third kind were all non-eating males without mouths.

After doing some more research the scientists realized that it was the same fish – only in different stages of life. Non fertile and tiny as a young fish, when they got a bit older they grew into a big female eating and producing spawn, and before dying - as a last assignment – they fertilized the spawn as males. Very fishy but it gives you a new perspective on what is normal.

Suddenly it became quite clear to me that I have actually been drawing fishes and making fish inspired objects for as long as I can remember, and I will probably keep on doing that.
I would love to hear your love stories. Do you have some obsession that tends to reappear in your work, in your jewel-case or in your art collections? I would really appreciate to hear about it. Feel free to comment, share your thoughts and confess to your obsessions.

Skepp o'hoj!

/Karin Roy Andersson