A partial view

Blog post
Published: 12.06.2010

What is it that we do? 

Asked by Craft Australia to write a short essay about Australian studio jewellery over the last forty years, I was perplexed. Such a general request relating to an activity where idiosyncrasy rather than commonality is the norm; a fact confirmed by the most cursory scan of this web-site (Klimt02).  There must be more MOs in the field of studio jewellery than in any art form!  

I can speak with authority (tempered by imagination) of my own experience as a studio jeweller; to a lesser extent as a witness to the evidence and testimony of others, absorbed through my eyes, my ears, thus filtered. My portrayal is is indeed partial, according to both meanings of the word: it is incomplete, existing only in part, and it is biased, favouring one view.  It is, in fact, entirely dependent upon the quality of my loupe. To what extent that experience, and the view it has generated, is shared by others, I can only guess.  

Tell me.