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A pieceful swedish smörgåsbord

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Published: 26.11.2010
A pieceful swedish smörgåsbord.
Sanna Svedestedt

Recently a new image of Sweden is spread internationally. Being a country, which often is seen as a rolemodel for its equality and social work, new sides to the story are becoming visible. It is a well-known fact that the suicidal rates in Sweden are unusually high, and that Sweden is one of the countries with the highest numbers of one-person households. These darker sides of the Swedish society have been put into the spotlight partly through the huge literary success of Stieg Larsson. This situation makes us wonder what the image of Sweden is like in the rest of world today.

We - the Diagonal team – have started an art jewellery project where we have invited 9 other jewellers to discuss and give their view of what Sweden in general and, more, specific Swedish woman really are like.

Roles and ideals change over time, and we find it of great importance to share these experiences. How has the image of us affected the way we see our selves? How do we confront the prejudices that we meet in international contexts? Through our jewellery we want to communicate our thoughts and contribute to the international image of Sweden.

We are are right now having meetings with the participating artists where we are discussing the theme and the work. The last meeting was two weeks ago, we came there quite tired after a long week of money-making-non-jewellery work, but we left with a lot of inspiration and motivation. Being part of a network and get other’s opinions on your work can be very stimulating, and to meet with people sharing a similar life situation is a good support in the profession we have chosen.

The participants of A Swedish Smörgåsbord are all young female jewellers, here is a short presentation of the group:

Nina Mårtensson
Master Degree in Jewellery Art, HDK. Senior designer for Goldsmith brand Jarl Sandin, Göteborg.

Nina Mårtensson: Necklace, silver

Hanna Liljenberg
Graduating with a master degree in spring 2011 from HDK. Runs Gallery FOUR Gothenburg.

Hanna Liljenberg: Brooch

Malin Lövgren
Bachelor degree in Jewellery Art, HDK. Runs Gallery FOUR Gothenburg.

Malin Lövgren: Brooch

Pernilla Persson

Bachelor degree in Jewellery Art, HDK. Valuer of art and jewellery, Göteborgs Pawn shop.

Pernilla Persson: brooch, textile, iron

Maria Ylander
Master Degree in Jewellery Art, HDK. Working for Gallery Hnoss, Göteborg

Maria Ylander: brooch
Photo: Maria Sahlander

Märta Mattson

Master Degree in Jewellery Art, Royal College of Art. Also showing in Tokyo at the ‘All that glitters is not gold’ exhibition

Märta Mattson: brooch

Lisa Björke
Master Degree in Jewellery Art, Konstfack. Also showing in Tokyo at the ‘All that glitters is not gold’ exhibition

Lisa Björke: brooch

Linda Marie Karlsson
Master Degree in Jewellery Art, HDK. Jewellery professor at Hellefors

Surviving Little Boy, brooch, silver, heliodor, Linda Marie Karlsson

Ellen Holvik

Graduating with a master degree in spring 2011 from HDK, Göteborg. Runs Gallery FOUR Gothenburg.

Necklace, Ellen Jacobsen Holvik

And the project managers: Sanna and Karin / Diagonal

Cerdà, earrings, silver, Karin Roy Andersson

Ring, wood. Sanna Svedestedt

We will soon write more about this group, the project and how it develops.
Keeping you posted!

/The Swedish bikini team


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Sanna Svedestedt, Klimt02 Forum Editor & jewellery artist

Karin Roy Andersson, Manager gallery Four, Gothenburg & jewellery artist


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