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Pilar Cotter and Her Passion for Porcelain

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Published: 03.09.2012


Pilar Cotter’s workshop is located in the Poble Nou area of Barcelona, in a space she shares with two working jewelers and a painter. She defines it as “the territory where I find responses to many things that intrigue me, a space to share, full of conversations and that represents a style of life.”

The beginnings of her works are related to human nature: “I start from sensations or conversations, sometimes some event motivates me to begin with the innocence of not really knowing where I’m going and, little by little, I become aware of the process.”

Pilar mainly uses porcelain. “I know that at some moment I will have to dialogue with other materials, but I’m fascinated understanding porcelain, its appearance, its strength and fragility at the same time, and its extreme subtlety.”

The kiln where she fires her pieces is one of the most important tools, but she tells me that during the process she also creates news tools which are sometimes adaptations of common utensils, for example “in my workshop a pin could be the king” she says.

During the time we spent together she continued to make things and, while she filled moulds of plaster with cast porcelain, she told me how she re-composes the pieces once extracted from the mold, how she gives them color and draws on the delicate surface. I also feel her enthusiasm for this material since when the jewel is on the hand one notices all its qualities. At the same time, she shows me how she finds a result of delicate movement that many of her pieces exhibit.

Sometimes Pilar Cotter’s work moves away from jewelry, when she uses other resources such as photography or installation to express herself, for example in her latest work titled DES-NUDO, in which from the word itself she raises questions about communication. She is very interested in seeing things done with technological media and refers to the works of the Canadian artist and architect Philip Beesley.

When I inquire as to the artists who have influenced her most, she answers: “there are great artists who surprise me, but my references are the close creators , those I can see through how they feel and the things they make, that we can speak about the work and then to see the magnificent results: Nano Valdés, Núria, Lusesita, Vanessa Linares,…

You can find more information on her website, on her blog, on her Klimt02 page and on Mar de Color Rosa website.

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