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Play with glass

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Published: 26.11.2010
Play with glass.
Zhu Aiyu

There are many interesting consequences I would like to share with you here from the glass jewelry course held by Prof. Zheng Wenqing from the CAA.

Prof. Zheng Wenqing        Pendants/kiln casted &polished
The series of pendants has a hand-made shape and transparent colors of different hues. Many of them were applied by finger press, I asked to professor Zheng about her theme when giving a course of glass jewelry to students. She replied me with: glass, body, eyes---story of sparking…

Fang Yuan     Shouder object: Family/ lamp working
How cute these Mushroom family! The author absorbed inspiration by observing to nature. There are a group of mushrooms looks like a big family that has sisters & brother, father&mother while some of them was composed by two like a new born famliy. It was transferd to body objects by lamp working.

Li Ting            Necklace/ lamp working
This piece of necklace is a transformation of total eclipse of the sun as each element represents a process of eclipse.

Chen Miaorong      pendant/ kiln casted
I didn’t ask this student about who is the human figure in her glass pendants. I am thinking to wear a piece of jewelry that reflects someone who plays a significant roles in our lives. Jewelry could be a story keeper as well as a story teller.

Xie Wulin     piece/ klin casted
There is a course subject to material experiment of glass. So in there we are totally free to do the experiment of glass in different temperatures with kinds of other materials. In this piece the author added copper wire into glass.

we are working in graduation projects, many of works will be born soon!



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Zhu Aiyu is now a postgradute from China Academy of Art. She makes jewellery&glass artworks. She is glad to work with anyone who has interests for exchange in this field.

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