Blog post
Published: 27.01.2012


Once the carton contained tubs of Quark ― Organic Biodynamic German Style Cottage Cheese, made in South Australia. I brought it home filled with yoghourt and raisins, honey and almonds. What remains of the top reminds us that it’s BEST BEFORE 04 JAN 2012. The deadline has passed, but she’s doing her best. She’s been beavering away at it for several weeks now. One at a time, she tears off pieces with her teeth, then flicks them out with her small pink tongue to form what appears to me to be a random scatter on the floor, though the pieces do appear to be quite evenly distributed. She is serious about this ― will work intently at it for ten or fifteen minutes without stopping. Once a day I sweep up the bits. Bin them.  Matilda doesn’t always seem pleased about this.


A friend suggests that she might do it because she’s bored. I don’t think so. Usually, she likes to just sit inside a box which is neither too big nor too small. Most fruit boxes are too big. Egg cartons are clearly too small for her to get inside, though she sits on them and rips them to bits, too. Curious . . . she likes both egg and cheese, though she prefers Camembert to Cottage Cheese. Perhaps a subtle aroma remains in the cardboard. Who knows what a cat can smell?   Who knows what ambition an imaginative little cat might harbour for her project?

Apart from her current project, and the occasional dry run with an egg carton, she will also perform spectacularly convoluted acrobatics inside an acceptable box ― chasing a small toy around inside it ― somersaulting in a space that’s barely enough for her to sit in.

It’s good to have a project. And it’s good to return to the project of this blog, after neglecting it for so many months, when I have been working on other projects: a volume of poems and drawings, a web-site, and a garden.

Happy New Year !