…to pull a rabbit out of a hat… 2011

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Published: 19.02.2011
…to pull a rabbit out of a hat… 2011.
Broes van Iterson

The rabbits depicted in this neckpiece look so peaceful, that I almost want to pet them. The things that are stopping me are the surrounding flowers, with their bright red enamel centers and square-edged leaves. They seem to protect the rabbits. The animals look like they might be wild, situated in a field, but the title ‘…to pull a rabbit out of a hat…’ gives away their captivity. They have come out of the hat and are now free to roam. One bunny is on the look out, turning its’ ears, while the other rabbit is relaxing- such a cozy sight!

Lately I have learned that rabbits like to be petted a lot (my son was very determent to have one for his birthday) and rabbits seem to follow me ever since. But probably not as much as German artist Tabea Reulecke, the majority of her work revolves around rabbits. It is amazing how much expression she puts in her bunnies! Her pieces come in various forms, often including beautiful enamel drawings like this one.

To celebrate the year of the rabbit, Tabea Reulecke has a solo exhibition at ATTA Gallery, in Bankok, Thailand from Februari 19th (tonight!) until March 15th 2011.

The exhibition is also displayed on Klimt02.

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