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Russian money

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Published: 14.02.2009
Russian money.
Mi-Mi Moscow

...where those Russians keep their money?
I don’t know …. We didn’t see them, even though
We were born and live in Russia
We understand that in order to encounter their money
We should do what they need.
And then immediately emerges the question “WHEREVER ARE WE OURSELVES?”
… and the reasoned answer “YOU? YOU ARE PAID MONEY!”

Sure we want money and the more the better :) :) :)
But what should we do to get it?
What are we ready to give in exchange for it?

Academician Likhachyov once compared money to Landscape-Forming Animals
Elephants, Rhinos, … that tread broadways and squares through Savannah.  

“Money People” as a general rule have a lot of talents connected with
Perseverance and Sense of Purpose
But they lack Culture in the enlarged sense of this word
… even you/we who have education in the field of culture and are interested in developing culture
When looking at something you sometimes cannot tell bad from good
And you stretch your brain to catch it,
But this faculty is cultivated in your brain, while their brain is functioning in a completely different style. 

What happens ... when Money is invested into just anything at random,
this Money naturally nurtures “JUST ANYTHING”
While a PRECIOUS BRANCH just dies.

and what we get, me and you, …. This “JUST ANYTHING” develops
and quite soon it becomes the STANDARD OF LIFE.

Looks more like CHAOS ... and REGRESS :)

Though sometimes it really looks FUNNY :  

 Who‘s car is this?

It can be easily found out by the number :)
Do you really want to know? …

Sex: female
Age: 18-25
Hair: blond
Cups size: ….and so on and so forth

Of course I might be wrong, but the visual image says this.  



- many people say, there is some huge money here in Russia,
- I don’s know, I don’t know ….
- Can’t you see?
- Of course I can: clothes, shops, Rolls-Royce Center behind the corner, …
But, first:
 who said that all this is real?
I can go to Paris, London, Tokyo or New York and make some pictures of poverty and decrease there,
With the same result, these pictures won’t be any worse than pictures of luxury and prosperity…
There is a palace in the neighborhood of our dacha
(actually, there are so many of them these days :( sad but true)
So, this “WONDER” (resembling Disneyland) was built to make a comfortable home
As we say in Russia: “A GOOD STASH FOR THE OLD AGE”
However not everybody survived the muddy 90-s and
Just one person is left out of the big family.
He’s an Old Grandpa … who doesn’t live even in the servants’ rooms,
He occupies the backroom… HE FINDS IT QUITE SUFFICIENT. 
and without slightest hesitation he would swap all this “fortune”
For babies’ chipper, endless screams of his grandchildren playing in the garden…

Translation by Yana Tsoy


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mi-mi moscow is a union of two independent artists, Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov. They have been working in jewellery art since 1985. Since 2000 working & exposing together, as mi-mi moscow. Work and live in Moscow, Russia

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