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Published: 01.07.2010
Mi-Mi Moscow

It’s evening, I am sitting at the fireplace and drinking BAILEYS with ice.
It’s raining outside, and at last this horrible heat has cooled down.
Mila is still working :) and I… one needs a rest from time to time! :)
And, by the way, all the normal people have been sleeping for ages by now!

There is a time to speak,
And there is a time to keep silence

Maybe it’s the age :)  

I’ve been tortured by this question for a long time: TO SAY OR NOT TO SAY?
I really don’t know what to speak about without cheating you.
What I could say openly, I have already said.
What I could give you a hint about, I have already done it.

To criticize? … I don’t feel like doing it, there exist art critics, and it’s not my cup of tea.
And, there is no difference WHERE to go, ANY path is a PATH.
In case one really goes along the path and doesn’t get stuck in one place.

I must also mention that I don’t believe in broad roads
Where everybody is friendly moving in one direction and enjoy mutual understanding,
Understanding is always warm, safe and comfortable
And washing in it is like washing in the WATER OF LIFE.
But  it has its own extremely negative edges.

It is not a PATH, but a PILL!
A pill for the lonely ones, they eat it and they seem to get a bit better.

I started to avoid expressions like: “No pain, no Path”
This is a complete twaddle and nonsense! Can JOY ever come out of PAIN?
THE GREATEST VICTORY is the victory over oneself.
And it is THE GREATEST JOY!!! Joy, not suffering…   

We’ve been working on one piece of art for two years, and we’ve just finished.
And our feelings are still involved with it.
We are seeing people from the anatomical point of view ONLY.
We meet people and we talk to people, as some individual sets of:
Ears, Eyes, Noses, Muscles connected to the Scull Bones.
All the Parts are ruled by The Laws
And their small insignificant differences are the individual portraits…
… me, I don’t even see the hair on the head, but the form of the scull underneath.
I am sucked dry… but in this VACUUM there are some pluses.

We are all emotions and excitement, like many of you.
And so, this EMPTINESS removes the excitement
And allows to see the picture of The World as it is without any decorations.
Of course, there is not always a rainbow in the sky…


People ask us the same questions over and over again in the letters:
“Why don’t you sell your works?”
“What are you doing it for?”
We will give the answer here.
And don’t you ask anymore please.

Of course, we are not selling submarines, missiles or any other weapons
That was just a joke :))

Sure, we are doing some things for sale, like everybody else, BUT
We don’t exhibit this.

Because those things which we do for sale, can be understood by People
People can buy them and wear them
It something wrong with it?
When we need money – we do what we will be paid for.
But, if we start to exhibit these things, or – heaven forbid! – print their photos in catalogues,
Then our money earning work will BURY our art which we value and love a lot.  

Just imagine the disposition of the forces:

a)  during 2 years
we made ONE work that we like and into which we invested all our energy.

b)  during 2 years
we made about 1200 works for sale.

Variants and sketches:

a) We were not satisfied with the first 5 versions: they did not transfer our vision
and we destroyed them. The 6th was accepted.

b)  out of the 1200 there were only 2 destroyed variants.


a) we might sell it for 250000 EU, and that’s not at all expensive.

b) all the works were sold for 100 – 600 EU.  

…yes, people like our works and wear them with pleasure,
And they can be often seen on TV screen and in official gatherings.
We love them as well, and we enjoy this. This is also US. So what.  

There is BUSINESS, and there is LIFE.

IF we were making only BUSINESS, then, surely,
we would be just happy about ANY kind of advertisement.

but ONEWORK will not counterweight 1200!!!
Nobody will ever see it, if the legion of BUSINESS WORKS is in the way.  

…So here we are:

.......... We publish what we value the most.

One work in two years – it doesn’t make sense of course.
Usually we make 10 – 20 works per year.
Nevertheless, And still the described balance is correct.  

And, by the way,
if one REALLY needs some money, one can earn it anywhere…
for example, at the cemetery.
People usually pay money for memorial stones to their passed away relatives
without bargaining.
But that doesn’t mean that one should publish the pictures of all those stones.  

Le Corbusier was producing a lot of still-life, every morning…
But this is not what he became famous for.

In case I come up with something else to speak about,
I undoubtedly will speak, but until then I will keep silence.
There is a time to speak,
And there is a time to keep silence
Maybe it’s the age :)
It’s Morning for you, and it’s Evening for me………….. :))))


NO PASARAN!!! & Best! Best! Best!
mi-mi moscow