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Speak to me!

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Published: 25.10.2010
Speak to me!.
Zhu Aiyu

Not so many people wear jewelries made by themselves except from those who makes jewelies. So how do I see a piece of jewelry that was made by others’ hands? What if I am going to wear them, how do I wear them? How do I whisper into a jewel and create my own jewelry language? Or what if the same piece is worn on another person’s body, he/she must has another story about it. Jewelry doesn’t create themselves a story but us. The one who make it ? The one who wear it? Or mixed of both?

With my questions I find some interesting stories just around me in class. It’s the first step of a workshop managed by professor Zhang Lan in the CAA. The subject is: Borrowed Jewelry. Participants borrowed works from the students’ in third grade while the jewelries were not completed as it has function like an earring or a pin. So now you have a jewelry at you hand, that was made by the other person. And you didn’t speak to the author or ask is it going to be a bracelet or it’s going to be just an object. You have to touch, to smell, to feel, let your imagination take you far away, and you have a story about it, in there, this little piece is the only one who speaks. Here I take some examples from students.

Team No.1
Original Author: Liao Fan  Grade: 3rd.                  Borrowed Jewelry Author: Cai Yiming Grade:2nd

Presentation of Cai Yiming: Borrowed Jewelry
I borrowed this piece from Liao Fan. His object gives me a
sense of turbulent and unsafe feeling. So I find in photography and movie there back lighting usually creates a frightened surroundings, and objects has a dark shape.

I also bring it together with medicine powder to search for more possible ways to define my creations.

Sometimes it looks like a snake hidden in bush and it is getting closer to me.

I think to find my way to transfer my feelings by exploring a story behind this object. My results turned out to be exciting for me.

Team No.2
Original Author: Tang Mengyun Grade: 3rd.    Borrowed Jewelry Author:  Wu Qiuting Grade: 2nd                                                                         
Presentation of Wu Qiuting: Borrowed Jewelry
“It looks like a flower!”. At my first glance impression of this object, which smells like a cold but beauty flower. Then I move my eyes back again, it reminds me of paper plane as if it was folded by many pieces of them, an elegant curve line was shaped along with its form.
After I played with it for one day, I find this little piece has many possibilities to become what it could be. Necklace? Bracelet? Earring? Clothing ornament? It can play whatever roles I give.


When I take photo for this small ornament, many of them were done unconsciously. When I walked along the river in my campus, picking up a piece of fallen ginkgo leaf, I am surprised they are just that matched, I feel like finding my precious thing!                                                                                 

Creations can be everywhere at anytime, when I read magazines in weekend, when I was drawing in my sketch book.......this can be a magical girl flying on her broom, this can be eyelashes of a peacock……


The two teams have done their works now. In reaserch, one is maker, the other is user. They speak with each other by the same piece. Above all, users in this workshop speaks more with jewelry. In our daily life, probably we don’t spend so much time concentrate to explore the language behind jewerly, but in some certain moments, we had experience by touching a jewel and thinking of something. Is it enough a reason to make and to wear a jewelry?


About the author

Zhu Aiyu is now a postgradute from China Academy of Art. She makes jewellery&glass artworks. She is glad to work with anyone who has interests for exchange in this field.

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This blog is created to share experiences on jewellery dialogues.