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Surprised by jewellery

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Published: 28.10.2011
Surprised by jewellery.
Sanna Svedestedt

 Busy busy times way up north in Umeå! It has been a week full of preparations and yesterday we had our opening of Pieceful Smörgåsbord 2nd edition. We do not have much time for writing but would love to share some photos. Here are some parts of our jewellerised week:

We arrived in Umeå and found our tables more or less intact.

The first happening was Umeå Fashion Week

Then we moved on to another location

Sanna in action covering up some transportation damages on the tables

Almost done...

Ready for the VIP-preview

And now some of the dishes on the table:

Lisa Björke - brooch, Fresh Design in Hammarby Sjöstad and necklace My Rented Flat in Aspudden

Vemod, brooches by Linda Marie Karlsson

Fashionista, rings and bracelet by Sanna Svedestedt

Our venue this time is in the middle of a shopping mall, in central Umeå. Some people have dropped by and asked if we are opening a new restaurant and what we are serving. We reply that we offer all kinds of jewellery, and invite them to take a bite.

One of the benefits of having the artists present – you get to see them wear their own work. Paper work neckpiecee by Hanna Liljenberg.

This time we also brought with us a shop section, and we love to see red dots multiplying.

//Karin and Sanna


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