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Team theme

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Published: 28.05.2010
Team theme.
Sanna Svedestedt

Well, we have been living together for four months now. When we heard of the possibility to work as assistants at Klimt02, we did not know that we both were applying for this job. Coming from the same school, we were casual friends, suddenly realizing that we were on our way to an overthrowing life experience – together.

Our teamwork started with the search for an apartment in Barcelona, an email to the catalan jeweller Marc Monzó and one million practical issues in the preparation for a six months stay in another country. During our stay in Barcelona we have also been working in the studio of Marc Monzó.

Marc Monzó Microrings 2006-2008
Materials: 18 K gold, sinthetic and natural stones

Finding housing in Barcelona was not easy, we could not live here:

Photo: Karin Roy Andersson
And not here:

Photo: Karin Roy Andersson

Or here:

Photo: Karin Roy Andersson

But finally we found an apartment for two, and we quite nervously realized that we would have to adjust two independent lives and strong minds, to be able to live together. We could easily have chosen to work parallel to one another, having separate shelves in the fridge and write two separate blogs. Coming from an artistic education where we are trained to express individuality, this could have been the most natural thing to do. We chose another way, and now we work together, discuss everything from our jewellery projects to when to get up for the morning run…and we even have a shared household account. Suddenly living so close made us co-operate and we pretty soon realized the advantages of a well functioning teamwork. Collaborating is not easy, it means that you have to listen and consider another point of view, and maybe revaluate your opinion or have good arguments for your ideas. You have to open yourself and your work, and trust another person enough to put something as precious as your visions, in their hands. Of course you can not do this with everyone, and finding a team player is a great treasure.

It has been very interesting to see the founders of Klimt02, Leo and Amador, work together. Although we sometimes hear them argue loudly in Catalan, it is obvious that they respect one another, that their differences complement each other and that they found a perfect match in order to achieve a common goal.

Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu
A good colleague pushes and encourages you when you need it, probably you will be the one pulling the next day. Just knowing that you are not working alone is strength. An example from our life here is the cleaning – standing in the bathroom washing the toilet is so much easier when you know that someone else is cleaning the kitchen.

Getting a partner who questions your ideas can work as a refining filter. He or she can make you fight for your opinion or open your eyes to a better solution. Artistic collaborations are common among musicians, dancers and actors. When it comes to contemporary jewellery we are good at organizing workshops, symposiums and make group exhibitions but it is harder to find examples of people being intimately involved in each others creative processes. We can not help to fantasize of what could happen in these cases:

Left: Alexander Blank Brooch: Ed's Friend (fish) 2009
Silver, plexiglass, rigid foam, lacquer
Right: Julia deVille Brooch: Gunclub 2004
Mouse, diamonds, jet, 9ct gold

Left: Zehava Hashai-Spellman Necklace: Parallelogram Sphere with
elastomer rings Oxidised silver
Right: Özay Emert Neckpiece: Either seem as you are, or be as you seem
2008 Oxidised silver, coral beads, silk thread

Left: Ruudt Peters Piece: ANIMA "eva" 2009
Silver, gold electroformed
Right:Tore Svensson Brooch: 25 square cm
Steel, gilt

Co-operating could either be very fruitful or a disaster – it all depends on the connection. However there are many possibilities to get inspiration, comment on, or get opinions from the rest of the jewellery world. This platform is a place to share, but also to develop our work, especially if we actually take the step to send an email with our thoughts instead of just thinking them.

- Karin Roy Andersson & Sanna Svedestedt


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Sanna Svedestedt, Klimt02 Forum Editor & jewellery artist

Karin Roy Andersson, Manager gallery Four, Gothenburg & jewellery artist


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