Then one thing leads to another

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Published: 17.06.2011
Sanna Svedestedt

 Someone recently asked me to describe a day in my studio. And I answered: My days in the studio always start with a cup of coffee – but after that they are never the same. It is true.

One regular coffee with extra sawdust coming up…

It never feels like there is enough time. I work by the computer, I write emails, I write, I draw, I figure out new concepts. I mean, it is not like we only do jewellery, is it? When some parts of the job doesn’t fit in the small studio space that I have , I am happy to be part of the Collective Workshop of Gothenburg (KKV Göteborg), where there are more machines and as many as eleven different workshops. The collective workshop now has 400 members, all professional artists and craftsmen that can use the space to create art and craft for public and private commissions and exhibitions.

This is the view from the workshop at Röda Sten, Gothenburg – the building is actually an old sugar refinery.

The Artists’ Collective Workshop of Gothenburg (KKV Göteborg) is located by the harbour entrance of Gothenburg, at the spot where there were once a fort that guarded the city against enemies. Now we just make art here, and try to make things work in a peaceful manner.

And it is funny how things work and how it is possible to stumble upon opportunities. By accident I met a man at a café in Gothenburg who happened to see and like my wooden rings. He saw potential in the shape, and after quite a few meetings and discussions, I ended up designing a tamper for his company Espresso Gear. This job then later on led to making the price trophies for the SCAE World Cup 2011. If you know your coffee, you should know this event too. The SCAE is the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe – and in the world cup people compete in their knowledge and skills in coffee. The 2011 world championships are held in Maastricht, Netherlands this coming week.

Part of the application send to the board of SCAE

After first base coat

 I was super excited for the opportunity make trophies, to go all out in making a large, luxurious and fun piece to symbolize the award. After hours and hours in the workshop the pieces saw the daylight and got ready to be shipped of to the preparations of the game.

 So I ask myself, happen when you do this - use a concept that you have for jewellery and apply it on another field? Do we kill the concept? Are we sell-outs? When so much time is invested in exploring a shape, technique, material, isn’t it good if all those answers can be used efficiently in something that will spread the shape and idea even more. Making jewellery for an espressomachine is in a way a large step from adorning the human body, I know this.

Maybe it is thanks to that jewellery is such a chameleon in the creative world. Jewellery is easy to relate to, I think it has something to do with size and craftsmanship that make people see potential, and want to use in different ways. Maybe it is the close relation to the body that makes it so accessible. And I think it is great when someone sees your creation and get an idea of how it can be used in another way. Thank you Espresso Gear for the co-operation and good luck at the championships to all the contestants worldwide. I’ll have one more coffee!

Good luck!