Blog post
Published: 26.03.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

Dear friends,
I am addressing younger members of the audience.

Please, read our texts very carefully,
and try to not only think by yourselves but feel for yourselves.
We also used to go to school and then to college …

We respect our teachers, but
A teacher can only teach what he/she knows.

We love and respect our parents, but
Each parent can teach only what he/she knows.

Out of love, they give us everything they know themselves, that’s true.
Together with the GOOD they give us their MISTAKES and ABERRATIONS,
that’s also true.

And if we accept the whole bunch of it
Then we are doomed to live not a life of our own, but
the life of that person who gave us the bunch.  


Once when reading Nietzsche I encountered a problem: I couldn’t understand him.  
I was trying really hard :) and with no results.

And when I was just about to give up….
A voice in my head said: “THOUGHT VERSION”
Friedrich liked that voice so much that he completely stopped resisting and
we communicated very well after that.  

“THOUGHT VERSION” is a key for many doors.