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Published: 16.03.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

We were invited as members of the jury to exhibition "For You" at "Amber Trip"
and were giving a lecture about "TIME"
Here are some fragments from the lecture.
Of course he who never encountered these questions in a lifetime
will not understand what\'s the matter.
........ Lucky bastard!
......We can only envy him with all our hearts.

Vilnius. Lithuania. March, 6-th, 2009.

We all (we and you) work with the TIME in different ways,
Otherwise we would not be able to create anything,
We would be engaged in sulek-burcu-emptiness-2015 all the time.

¿qué hora es?

What time is it? .........

Answer : “What time would you like? :) …….?

We reckon, this answer is the most correct
Since not only watches but the time itself is different for different people.

It depends upon your view :)

People are always in hurry: going to work, doing different things, ... using so many excuses.
But once you stop a person and ask:
“what have you done in the last month.. in the last year, within the last 5 years?”
Then you discover a clear regularity in their answers or (rather), no answers…
The longer was the period, the less was done. …. Or just nothing was done.
…………….Then, why are you always in hurry?
If your watch is just going round and round with no purpose.

Of course, this is your own business, how’s and why’s … this is your personal life, isn’t it.

This is true,…. Except for one thing.

When one man is in hurry/is making fuss – this is one thing,
But when millions are in hurry – this is different.
Springs and rivers flow into oceans and create giant waves
which transform into a giant maelstrom
To resist it is suicidal.
A human body consists of 90% water,
and is very sensitive to global water vibes.
It doesn’t really matter that the whirlpool is whirling sulek-burcu-emptiness-2015,
If it really sucks you in, it is real…. The danger is real.

INTEREST – this is a life-belt in the whirlpool of “Speed O’Clock”
Your watch is showing only what you are really INTERESTED IN.

Do you remember?
“Get ready ... From this moment everybody will be getting in your way ... Especially your own families”
This phrase was spoken, is spoken and will be spoken at the very first lesson of
the very first year in any school of art.
Wherever you are located in time and space
In Athens then or in Vilnius, in Moscow, in Barcelona, today, or in Idontknow-town tomorrow.

Life of people around you follows completely different rules…
But only close relatives and friends know your weak points and have the keys from your locks.
It‘s through them the Time Stealing Spirit influences the artist in the most efficient way.
You can heroically resist somebody there far away,
But to resist those who loves you and who you love – this is completely different thing
That requires titanic efforts.
From drawing clear lines
“this I can do, and that I cannot do UNDER NO CONDITIONS WHATSOEVER”
To ...... paying no attention at all.

… here it means to not let the pain of misunderstanding penetrate inside,
To leave it sort of at the doorstep,
Once it’s inside, it paralyses the whole body and becomes invincible.
Once it’s inside, it forces you to choose who is “the enemy”:
Either your loved ones,
Or your values.

TO GIVE NO ATTENTION and draw a picture of your own on the sand of time,
whatever is happening around
whichever shape the Time Stealing Spirit is taking.


The Spirit Stealing Time and Attention is like a Dog,
That guards values of the World of UNCHEANGEDNESS
In the confrontation between the Artist (Individual) and the Society this Doggy is serving the Society.
He is playing this role which is surely SIGNIFICANT and NECESSARY, no doubts,
but his Methods… are really FOUL
He easily penetrates into our children and parents and uses them as parasites/soldiers to fight us
His goal being obviously not the family but the creator himself, the troublemaker.

Love that fills in our works… is partly that very love which
should have been given to our children.
Sad, isn’t it? …. Yes, truly.
Children from artists’ families grow up faster than their mates.
They should better know and understand what’s going on,
instead of making guesses based on feelings of being not loved enough and not cared for..



Translation by Yana Tsoy

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mi-mi moscow is a union of two independent artists, Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov. They have been working in jewellery art since 1985. Since 2000 working & exposing together, as mi-mi moscow. Work and live in Moscow, Russia

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