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Trickfullhandiwork (lost in translation)

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Published: 01.10.2010
Trickfullhandiwork (lost in translation).
Sanna Svedestedt

It has been an intensive summer in Sweden, first the royal wedding hysteria and now the elections with an unsteady outcome, that we have been quite upset and ashamed about. The Swedes are not in balance. If anyone is planning an invasion, this just might be the time. But if you have more friendly intentions, and are planning a visit to the capital anytime soon, swing by Skeppsholmen and the Swedish Museum of Architecture. Situated next to the museum of modern art, the Museum of Architecture is right now showing a Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

Fuldesign "Moder Svea" 2009 (Textile 170 cm)

The show features a broad selection with work by both recently graduated students and pieces from veterans. The Swedish title of the exhibition, “Konstslöjd”, is unfortunately a bit hard to translate into English. As always many connotations are attached to the meanings of the words. "Konst" – meaning Art, could also mean "trick" and is in a way connected to the word ”konstig”, meaning "weird". The word ”Slöjd” on the other hand, means Craft but is tainted by old traditions, something belonging to the past or at least very rural.

What do you get when you combine these two words? To some it is a provocation, but to others a relief. The opening speech by Peppe Bergström explained the purpose of this combined word as: “…going from crafts to art, to fashion to design, and containing all that can be connected to the field – in any material imaginable."

By giving an open call to an exhibition like this, and then through a jury making a solid selection, Konstslöjd can give us a good image of what is happing right now in Sweden - in the hands and heads of the makers.

Ida Andersson "We never spend time with each other anymore" 2009

Benjamin Slotteroy Untitled 2008 (glass 280x30x55 cm)

Karola Messner "Winners and loosers" 2007-09 (wood 240x70x80 cm)

Karola Messner "Winners and loosers" detail

The Museum of Architecture was given the honour to represent Konstslöjd in Sweden by the Swedish government. A difficult task accompanied by a great responsibility. How they managed to execute this assignment we hope that you will make your opinion of your self. We are very proud to read the klimt02 members Sanna Svedestedt, Märta Mattsson, Jenny Klemming, Sara Engberg, Serena Holm, Sofia Björkman and Özay Emert in the list of participants.

Märta Mattsson at the exhibition

We hope that there will be a follow-up for the exhibition next year, and that even more makers from all over Sweden will apply for the next edition. Hope to see you there!

- Sanna Svedestedt & Karin Roy Andersson / Diagonal 


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