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As we walk

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Published: 10.05.2012
As we walk.
Sanna Svedestedt

Have you been to a board meeting recently? It’s probably the most common way of having a meeting and probably where most of the important decisions are made. But with the purpose of coming up with brilliant new ideas - is a square shaped room the best place to be?

To us, the best ideas come in motion.

Karin, as a runner, is well familiar with this idea. Sanna might be of a liiittle bit slower pace, but thought are never as clear as they are while cross country skiing. Together, for our Diagonal projects - we prefer to walk.

A few weeks ago, we were walking again in our favorite city - Barcelona.

After a all the walking and talking it's important to have a good breakfast

During the trip to Barcelona we had a meeting with Leo and Amador for the work we do at Klimt02 discussing the bright future of our community and the new gallery space in Riera de Sant Miquel 65.

We also made plans for coming projects that we want to get in motion this year. It was what we call a classic Workcation. A little bit of holiday, and a bit of work. During a few days away we came weeks ahead in work done, and it all was a true pleasure. The combination of new impressions, a colleague to discuss new ideas instantly as they come and a relaxed happy mode works as a creative boost.

So--- What brilliant ideas did we come up with? Well, we can’t tell you just yet. But you know us, we can’t keep our mouths shut that long!

With love,
Diagonal / Sanna & Karin


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Sanna Svedestedt, Klimt02 Forum Editor & jewellery artist

Karin Roy Andersson, Manager gallery Four, Gothenburg & jewellery artist


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