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What is on your sketch book?

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Published: 05.01.2011
What is on your sketch book?.
Zhu Aiyu

I collect every little thing that inspired me in my sketch book, for which I might could develop them in my future works, but actually not every idea has a purpose or destination. I would rather to consider it as a life style, if I don’t write down what have just flashed in my mind, I would probably never could once again remind myself of that. So, on the other hand, I think it’s necessary to share these sketch books, instead of leaving them in a drawer.

During this semester I took my internship as teaching in the Vocational School of China Academy of Art. We have just finished glass jewelry course with students, so these are the most fresh sketch book from them. We started from searching for inspiration, selecting elements, developing ideas, formulating designs. Let’s just take some examples.

Author: Wang Mengjiao
Mengjiao found her inspiration in tribe art and ancient eaves tile, which is small accessories from classical chinese architecture. Inspiration-elements-objects, she has very clear process.

Author: Zhang Beibei
Beibei was favorite at borning statements, it’s fresh, new, delicate, full of life and breath. In her steps she transformed these elements into earring, finger ring, as well as objects.

Author: Chen Ling
Chen Ling was interested in cactus. By sketching them she collected graphical elements and made a number of prototypes that is fit for a three dimentional objects.

Author: Meng Xiangquan
Meng Xiangquan preferred beetles, especially the dots pattern on the back surface. Since he cut and reconstructed it. The results turned to be both jewelries and objects.

I’d like to leave my question here to develop more of our exchange plan. Would anyone has interest to share your sketch book ? We are expecting more students voice!



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Zhu Aiyu is now a postgradute from China Academy of Art. She makes jewellery&glass artworks. She is glad to work with anyone who has interests for exchange in this field.

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