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When in Rome…

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Published: 11.08.2011
When in Rome….
Sanna Svedestedt

 Let me tell you something, the best time of the year to travel to Rome is perhaps not mid July. But if you see +40 C as a good excuse to enjoy even more ice-cream, and you are not scared by the idea to admire Michelangelo’s ceiling together with thousands of other people – well than I think you should go any way! I spend a week with my family and we had a great time. In a city that is so crammed with must-sees, here are some highlights:

Let’s start with some math

8 Swedes x 7 days in Rome = X pair of shoes?

We thought it would be smart to beat the tourist traffic and go to the Vatican early on a Monday morning.

I wonder what it is like on a busy day?

As it is not allowed to take photos inside the Sistine Chapel I can’t share it with you, but here is proof we were there

(this is how far I got before the guards told me to put away the camera)

We also had to see the famous fountain, but honestly I was more intrigued by the opposite view:

The impressive crowd looking at Fontana di Trevi.

So, wait – I am more fascinated by the amount of people that go to Rome to experience the monuments than the actual monuments themselves? I guess I just find it very uplifting to see that art, history and culture manifests such an amazing attraction on so many people. It is inspirational. Me myself was mostly drawn to another venue just a short walk away from the Spanish Stairs. Alternatives gallery is situated on a great spot in central Rome and the gallery space is used to the maximum presenting international contemporary jewellery artists. Run by Rita Marcangelo Alternatives gives just that – an alternative to the traditional art scene in Rome. It was not an easy task to introduce the Romans to contemporary jewellery and unorthodox materials, but now Alternatives has a permanent spot in the roman heart.

Entrance view of the gallery on Via d'Ascanio no19.

View from inside, exhibit wall and drawers filled with treasures.

I fell in love with the wood pieces by Antony Roussel.

I am not sure how many of the millions of tourists that visit the city find their way here, but if you have are planning a trip to Rome, don’t miss it.

Finally, I just want to say

Mmmm… Enjoy every bit left of summer!

Take care,


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