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Why this blog is born?

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Published: 16.10.2010
Why this blog is born?.
Zhu Aiyu

One month ago, I send an e mail to Leo, the co-founder of Klimt02. I was looking for a place for our new project of exchange in jewelry cooperated with my group in the other European universities, since in response Leo present me this blog to start what we want to do.

I myself was benefited from a period of exchange study in Italy last year. Apart from taking classes in there, the rest of time I went to visit galleries, museums, and schools in the other European countries. By having conversations with people, I learnt a very new experience that is differ from which I have gained in China. At this chance I met Klimt02 physically, students from Escola d’ART del Treball shared their achievements, galleries owners introduced me their representative artists’ works, etc. It was unforgettable time! After four months, I turned back to my home Academy. And we started to work from internet to maintain this kind of experience as much longer as we can.

Jewelry art is a new art form in China. These who consider jewelry as an art form are mostly attached to an academic context. In addition, seldom individual artists make jewelry pieces as kind of artworks among our society. By observing my surroundings, either people wear…not really same piece but same taste, same style, same smell jewelry or they wear none. I am in the wearing none group. Why? The former one I understand it because they don’t have choices, or even they have it, they are unconsciously forced to choose the SAME jewelry at the end. The latter one seems complicated, I was asked not only once like “you make jewels, why don’t you wear a piece of jewelry?” At this very moment, I just don’t know how to answer. Now I am coming back to this point, why don’t we wear a piece of jewelry? No choice or same choice, I don’t wear or I don’t want to wear, I explore inside of my inner world. Then I come to a solution: perhaps, I just don’t find my jewelry yet.

I would like to share with people what I see in my life about jewelry things, what our teachers and students doing in the research, what our young artists care about. We might don’t know each other at all, we might have a physical distance, but this platform brings us closer.  I believe sharing plays an important role in our lives even we live in different countries.


About the author

Zhu Aiyu is now a postgradute from China Academy of Art. She makes jewellery&glass artworks. She is glad to work with anyone who has interests for exchange in this field.

About this blog

This blog is created to share experiences on jewellery dialogues.