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Working with Enamel-1

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Published: 24.02.2012
Working with Enamel-1.
Zhu Aiyu

At the end of last year I had visited to Beijing Enamel Factory as we would like to start a new course with this material. The factory produces typical Beijing enamel objects like vases, plates and other big objects that contains very fine Chinese culture meanings, I started my trip from the beginning. This is the showroom of the factory .

From one working bench to another, the craft workers explained me how to make bronze ground as it’s the support of enameling, how to copy the pattern onto the surface of bronze vase, and filigreed with metal wires to construct the patterns to hold enamel, placing enamel into every little space to fulfill the wire contructed flowers, then firing for several times to reach the standard principles and polishing step by step to achieve a exquisite sense of looking . I appreciated very much of their patiently explanation, but the question remains in my mind is every single lines and patterns of these objects looks pretty delicate, sometimes, too delicate and too carefull with the design...but certainly well accomplished in handcrafts, there are supposed to be much more...I guess.

We moved back to the class, we discussed with our professors about how to implement our ideas with students, and we do the experiment from the very beginning of enameling, as we are expecting more possibilites in the creativeness of this material. Therefore, the first week we test the temperature of firing enamel, from 550℃ to 1000℃, as most of the colors are suitable to the temperature  range 750℃ -850℃, but it may create other possibilities by expanding its range, we think it is important and necessary to record how the enamel goes along with the curve of temperature. Here it is the first step of students' working status.

I am keeping my first hand updated of our working process and at the same time, we are also  also awaiting the voices from yours.

Thank you!


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Zhu Aiyu is now a postgradute from China Academy of Art. She makes jewellery&glass artworks. She is glad to work with anyone who has interests for exchange in this field.

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