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Working with Enamel-2

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Published: 29.07.2012
Working with Enamel-2.
Zhu Aiyu

     All right… Two-month summer holidays has been really satisfied me and I get myself ready for writing something. So, I am going to continue with the presentation of enameling course. This is basic tools and process of student working status.

Photo by An Yang

     As we didn't  want to miss anything when firing each color of enamel, the recorded results presented in students' sketch book, firing temperature mainly was from 600℃ to 950℃, since this process showed us how enamel melting in kiln, which had rewarded us with very fun experiences.

Liu Yuanyuan

     Like a blank sheet of paper, we keep trying and trying…with two kind of colors at different firing temperatures. Everyone is encouraged to challenge the limitation, to get more results from only simple two colors. In this process, we acquired proper effects through succeed and failed experiments.

Cheng Qin

      Then we moved to fire mixed colors for once, twice, or three times, it was becoming more complex with firing temperatures and results. This training required the sensibility of color and knowledge of our previous experiments.

Cheng Qin

     We investigated the color, firing temperature...from simple to complex, there might be a hundred times failed with our broken hearts...but, the pain was quickly forgotten when we woke up the next morning. We have this ability. :)

      For more process, it is to be continued.



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