The working name

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Published: 22.06.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

This reflection or sail-thought on a theme “Speaking of names . . .” by Margaret West.
I wanted to answer in the comments but it is too long for comment

why not? it's very interesting variant of communication. ....... i think so.
I hope I am right. (if this is not correct form ... please let me know)


Yes I agree with you .....
........ maybe therefore
We have special concept for this
Such as "The working name"
In this case, we have not a final picture of the future work in our heads, but only feeling of this work.
The process of work is dialogue between the author and object
The author asks questions
The object answers
And vice versa
Each stage of work is levels of understanding each other

The concrete name changes with change of a level
The feeling becomes purer(cleaner) and more brightly
When the object is born
It(he) smiles and speaks:
- Hello, my name is  .....

Sounds - alternation of vibrations
Do French cats understand Russian?
They understand our feelings and direction of our vibrations
to think in images is the same
what's we reading first?
word? thought? feeling? ...... or anything what like breath of easy wind of invisible touch.

I love music of Fire and music of Water
Spirit of Fire and spirit of Water answer me by reciprocity.
They help me in my life
it's only personality
direction for each of us

My name is Micha. Official name Michail or Michael.
Many years ago my friends called me "Kit" (whale) and Paganini, and
... i have many different names in different times.
These names are different and have different characters
and their owners have different characters too.
Is it me? Yes! and No! It’s depends ..... Time, for example.
The names have changing through all our life
it's very comfortable for self-preservation
if Devil wants to meet me :) How can he do it?
Who am I? Where am i? Just now! Who am i Professor or Hooligan?
How old am I? I am Child? or Old man? Herdsman or Warrior?
maybe Sinner or maybe Saint :)

Who knows?
Nobody .... except me.  

Summer, time of rest
I can not catch my favorite translator for editing this text :)
Thanks for understanding :)

With the best wishes,