Working with working names

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Published: 26.06.2009

In response to MiMi : The Working Name (22.06.2009)

+  +  +  +  +
  Matilda knows her name.
(And, yes, she understands nyet! as well as non!)

I know my name.
Margaret is Margaret, whatever the climate. But, there are many Margarets

You know your names : so many names : Professor Hooligan Micha Michail Michael Kit Paganini.

Is a leopard still a leopard without its spotted name?

I have a uni-zebra-corn hanging in the window of my study. He is “aghaei-sharareh-pandikow-wiebke-untitled-2015-2014”

+ + + + +
Matilda (Crown Princess Matilda: now we know about her royal heritage) luxuriates in the sun streaming into her Winter Palace.
Sometimes she behaves like a royal princess, sometimes like an angel, sometimes like an alley-cat, sometimes like a hell-cat.
Likewise Margaret.

+ + + + +

I listen to my pieces. I am changing some of my indeterminate-determining working names: to accommodate the grain of the stone, which is resisting the down-pouring rain of the graver, the swirling clouds of the scriber, and is denying the darkening of ink.
Now each piece-in-progress has a list of potential names. Some determined. Some resigned to their fate.

So many enigmas for the cat-owner. For the jeweller.
Life in flux.