People Sometimes Treat their Jewelry with Great Disrespect. Schmuck 2021 Curator Helen Britton Interviewed by Nina Gassauer

Interview  /  Curating   HelenBritton   NinaGassauer
Published: 22.01.2021
Helen Britton. Pendant: Keys, 2019. Antique and vintage stone, silver, silk.. Photo by: Dirk Eisel. Part of: CODA Museum. Helen Britton
Pendant: Keys, 2019
Antique and vintage stone, silver, silk.
Photo by: Dirk Eisel
Part of: CODA Museum
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The Australian Helen Britton is one of the world's leading designers for author's jewelry. As an excellent connoisseur of the worldwide jewelry scene, she is the curator of SCHMUCK 2021 and thus selected the 63 participants from over 650 submissions for the special exhibition 2021, which this year has been canceled. Nina Gassauer talked to the artist about her work, the entries for SCHMUCK in the exceptional year 2020, and the importance of author's jewelry in times like these.