Your Dreamy Eyes

Published: 13.03.2015

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Eyes are the most precious thing one has in his life.

An eye as a charm is the most deterrent for the jealous look and the negative thought, the remedy for disease and pain, the precaution for the bad things of life, the consolation that difficulties are temporary, the hope that better days are coming, the certainty that the good angel is always at our side.

Many centuries before the current era of communication, the eye was a common symbol of protection from evil in the tradition of people in very remote regions.

People in the Mediterranean, the Celts, America’s people...
The symbol of the eye is deeply rooted in ancient worships like the eye of the Egyptian god Oros ,the protective eye in ancient Greece.

In the current exhibition 17 jewel artists unroll the ancient thread and ‘’see’’ the eye, like beauty symbol, protection symbol, like a timeless human symbol.
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