​Wear Your Art. Stand Out From The Crowd (colour studies for the future)

Published: 24.03.2015

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March 24th – April 11th 2015.

Celebration drinks Saturday March 28th 4-6pm.

This body of wall brooches, made from repurposed laminate offcuts, CDs and aluminium,  explores the boundaries and values of objects in relation to physical location.
They are just as happy on the wall, as on the body.

Proceeds from the sales of these works will support a school educational program on waste management in Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines.

Bridget has been travelling to this idyllic part of the Philippines for the last 14 years. Over this time she has identified a noticeable increase in tourists to the area, the introduction of plastic bags and the insidious plastic bottle. The town is now struggling to deal with the resulting increase in waste and there are permanent smouldering piles of burning plastics. She has partnered up with Alumni of a local high school to introduce a waste education program on the health risks of burning plastics with the aim of ultimately eliminating plastics from this Eden in the mountains.